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Expand Your Online Following With New Facebook Author Tags

Consistent content creation on your site or blog is a valuable investment of time that will benefit your brand or business for years to come. While your current followers will appreciate the routine updates, you can’t count on them to do your marketing for you.

This is where social media marketing of your content comes into play. This week, Facebook announced author tags. These tags make it extremely simple to find additional content from an author, with links posted below posts featuring their articles. See an example below.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 3.08.06 PM

Here’s how Facebook describes the update:

"In addition to making it easier for people to follow the author of an article, Author Tags help journalists connect immediately with the readers who are most engaged and interested in his or her work and grow their following on Facebook. Journalists can then build deeper relationships with their Facebook followers by engaging directly in conversations, holding Q&As, and sharing behind-the-scenes content.”

Only one additional line of code in the header tag of the page is needed to implement the tag site-wide. Developers can find documentation on the article:author metatag here.