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Each month I try and share with you the latest tips and tricks for SEO, online marketing and promoting your business. This month, at the urging of my father, I decided to share with you a story instead…

You always hear us talk about "people buy people" and while many of your accept that fact solely on face value, I believe it whole heartedly because I live it each and every day.

My reminder comes from a well know little coffee shop named Starbucks (ever heard of it? ?). And while the media, without fail, promotes our failing economy and $2 cups of coffee will no longer sell… I think quite the opposite. Sure sales might be down- but I believe that is a part of what we call a business cycle.

With competitors like McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts now coming up with their own version of the Mocha Lattes and Frappuccinos (and at a fraction of the cost, I might add) why in the world would I continue to go to Starbucks every morning, yes every morning… especially since both McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts are also on my way to work? Because people buy people… Cynthia, Jared, April and the whole rest of the crew know me by name and know my order by heart. As soon as I walk into the coffee shop my drink is waiting. I cannot say the same for their competitors, whom, quite frankly, would not care who I was and they probably would get my order wrong!

And whether they truly think about what they are doing and why, I am treated with a smiling face and a personal connection. It’s the old "Cheers" philosophy; you go "where everybody knows your name."

So yes, I spend $2.14 every day on my way to work… $556.40 per year on coffee that I could undoubtedly make at home. Why? Because people buy people…

What kind of experience are you selling? What kind of person are you selling to your customers? I am reminded every day how important personal connection is and how human interaction can affect your business. And, even if this tough economy, people WILL spend money if you make it worth their while.