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Email Marketing Myths Debunked


In honor of Gmail’s 10th birthday, I thought now would be the perfect time to go over some major misconceptions about email marketing, and why you still need to take it seriously as a way to connect with your clients and prospects!

The biggest misconception is that email marketing is either dead, or dying. While some online marketers have been predicting in its demise for years, these predictions have yet to come to fruition. And why is that? Because far too many people still use it.

For example, Gmail alone has about 425 million active users. Outlook, which replaced Hotmail, has 420 million accounts. Yahoo Mail has 273 million accounts. Even though there’s likely some overlap (many people do have more than one of these), all of them combined still equal well over a billion users, and that doesn’t include the fact that those are just the top three services! If you take into account that these services are all still actively growing, it’s easy to see that email isn’t going anywhere.

A tangent of the previous myth is that email is going away because younger generations don’t like to use it, instead preferring to communicate via Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, or other social media accounts. To the contrary, Gmail and Outlook are both more likely to attract users in the 18 to 34 range (although Gmail skews male and Outlook skews female).

Yahoo Mail pulls in a wider range (18-49), while AOL is the only one whose likely user base starts above the average of the other three (35-64). If this information shows us anything, it’s that almost everyone fits into the average user age profile of one of the top email services.

The final misconception I’d like to address is that mobile email marketing doesn’t matter because people access the same email accounts on their computer. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Mobile email opens are up to 51% in December 2013, after growing 21% over the course of the year. This number goes up to 68% when we’re talking about Gmail and Yahoo Mail users.

Even more importantly, emails read on a mobile get more unique click-thrus than those read on other devices (around 40%). So if you’re not making sure your emails look good on mobile, you’re missing the best opportunities to connect with your customers!

Have any questions? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to talk to you about ways you can grow your email marketing program!