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Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Podcast Audience Via Social Media

You’ve started a podcast. But now you want to grow your listener base. Follow these do’s and don’ts to promote your podcast to a wider audience.

Do choose guests with active social networks. Fun, articulate guests make your podcasts more engaging. When guests also have wide social networks, they bring even more value to your show.

Don’t forget to ask those guests to promote the show. Make it easy by providing your guests with a link and a few suggested teasers immediately after the show goes live.

Do leverage hashtags to promote your content. Craft clever hashtags that encapsulate your show’s overall message. Also, use hashtags to promote topics discussed on specific episodes.

Don’t forget a photo. To catch attention in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds, create a custom image to accompany the link to each show and a general image for your podcast.

Do pin a show promotion. Recorded an especially exciting episode? Pin the link on your Facebook and Twitter feeds to make sure your audience finds your best content.

Don’t forget to remove the pin. Unless your pin is to a web page containing links to all of your episodes, you’ll want to switch the pin when your latest podcast airs. Facebook lets you set an automatic expiration date for pinned posts.

Do tease the show. Hype the guests and topics before a show airs to get listeners excited. You can also post teasers during the podcast, including screenshots of the guests recording.

Don’t stop promoting. Creating engaging content, finding the right audience, and moving influencers to action take time. But the results are worth it as you watch your number of listeners grow.