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Don’t Limit Your Video Uploads To YouTube

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On Facebook, Natively-Uploaded Videos Receive Higher Engagement Than 3rd Party Links

Online video has emerged as the most valuable use of a company’s web marketing resources. For the PAST several years, the key to ensuring maximum reach with online video was to diversify the social networks where your video was uploaded, ranging from YouTube, to Facebook, Instagram, Vine and others.

Today, the key isn’t to simply diversify the number of social networks, but to ensure your original video content is uploaded in the most widely-consumed format on a particular social network. A great example is seen in the leading social network: Facebook and native video uploads. Analysis from the past year revealed that the silent autoplay feature of native videos in Facebook’s newsfeed not only defied the odds and didn’t annoy Facebook users, they actually became the preferred format for video consumption in the news feed.  

In Facebook’s most recent report, Mark Zuckerburg reported the social network behemoth now receives four billion views of natively uploaded video.


Search Engine Journal, a site devoted to covering search engines and social media data, conducted a study on native uploads on Facebook vs. third-party versions of the same content. When SEJ compared natively uploaded (raw file) Facebook video posts  to third-party (YouTube, etc) embedded videos, the natively uploaded video posts reached 2X the amount of people and received

• 2X the amount of “Likes.”
• 3X the amount of Shares.
• 7X the amount of comments.

Search Engine Journal concluded:

“Facebook does seem to favor native video uploads versus third-party video embeds…native video uploads on Facebook does seem to be the best approach right now..Our study indicated that on average, native videos reach 2.04 times more people, getting 2.38 times more likes, 2.67 times more shares, and 7.43 times more comments.”


You can no longer apply a “one size fits all” approach in the area of video sharing. When you have original video content to share, take the time to upload the video’s original file on the social networks that allow you to upload the video straight on their system, then title, tag and target your video to the most relevant audience possible on each respective social network.