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Does Your Website Make You a Celebrity?

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Why should you care about being a celebrity?

After all, you’re a business owner interested in making a profit, not making headlines on TMZ.com or in the tabloids. So what’s the big deal?

It comes down to two simple reasons. Becoming a celebrity within your market allows you to bring in more business. And it allows you to charge higher rates, boosting your bottom line.

More customers and a higher profit margin per customer.

Those are two goals that every business owner would consider worth pursuing. But how can becoming a CelebrityExpert help you achieve them?

Because customers want to work with an expert.

Think about it for a moment if you had to choose a new dentist for your kids, and cost wasn’t an issue, how would you make this choice? Chances are, you’d look for the most well-respected, expert dental professional in your area. The same goes for a lawyer or a retirement planner. Expertise matters, and your CelebrityExpert status will establish YOU as the expert in your market. This position in your market will ensure that you have a steady stream of new business and it guarantees that your customers will be willing to pay premium rates for your services.

That in a nutshell is why branding yourself as a celebrity within your market is so important.

But as you can well imagine, there’s a lot that goes into such a campaign. From publishing a best-selling book to appearing on local TV affiliates, we help our clients achieve CelebrityExpert status through a variety of channels.

By now, most businesses have a website. But there’ a big difference between any old website and a website that effectively positions you as a celebrity within your market. And because your website often creates the first impression of your business for potential customers, if it doesn’t create the right image, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle to establish your unique value to the customer.