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Derek Gehl’s Top Directory List

I recently got my copy of this month’s No BS Report by Dan Kennedy. And as usual there was an Internet Update in there by Derek Gehl. Now- if you aren’t familiar with Derek, you should be!
In the article he gave away some good directory resources to submit your site to- now of course, most of them are not free, so he also provided a list. In case you didn’t see it- I thought I would post for you all to see.

Here is his top directory list (and their prices):

01 Web Directory- $49
Aviva- $34.95
Azoos- 489.95
Best of the Web- $69.95
Browse8- $35
Business- $199
DMOZ (Open Directory Project)- FREE (and very good if you can get it!)
Gimpsy- $40
GoGuides- $39.99
JoeAnt- $39.99
Librarians Internet Index- $24.95
Massive Links- $24.95
Rubber Stamped- $29.95
SevenSeek- $40
Site-Sift- $29.95
Site Snoop- $10
Skaffe- $39.99
Starting Point- $99
This is Our Year- $24.95
Uncover the New- $49
Web Beacon- $49.99
Wow Directory- $37
Yahoo! Directory- $299