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Customer service with social media

More and more consumers are turning to social media to file complaints. To ensure you’re building trust with your customers, follow these steps to restore faith in your brand, keep a customer, and learn from mistakes.

Respond quickly. If you can, try to respond to the complaint within the first couple of hours of it being posted. For a lot of consumers, they just want someone to listen to them and ignoring the problem can only lead to more negative reviews.

Acknowledge mistakes. Acknowledging a problem is the fast way to resolving it. Take ownership of the issue and post solutions on how to fix it. Most people will remember the outcome of an issue rather the initial problem itself. As always, be respectful and when apologize, be genuine.

Take Conversations Offline. Try and engaged the irate consumer one-on-one, to offer that person the best possible solution. An on-going conversation can not only fill a newsfeed, but it prompts other parties to get involved. It gives that consumer individualized attention and makes their voice heard.

Get Personal. Use the customer’s name in your response and empathize with their frustration. Using automated templates is a great time-saving tool, but before sending any sort of reply to a situation, read it through it first and personalize it as much as you can even if all you have to go on is the customer’s name. On the other hand, don’t take the consumer’s anger personally and respond in that effect. Most of the time they’re angry at the situation and need a pair of listening ears.

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No one wants to receive negative attention, but it’s inevitable. Form a crisis plan with your team just in case you ever need to respond on a dime. Preparing yourself as much as you can is the best way to turn a negative into positive. Accepting consumer feedback for your brand, both positive and negative, helps to better your brand and build trust with consumers.