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Creating a Social Media Quiz

A great way to drive traffic to your website is creating a quiz. Quizzes are a benefit to bring more people to your site, pique interest in products, and they are easy to share among users.

When creating your quiz, you need a plan. What is the ultimate goal? To bring more followers? Showcase your brand? Announce an event? The first step is to consider the overall goal of this quiz.

What about this quiz will benefit your audience? The answer to this question creates a topic for your quiz. If you’re looking to introduce your brand to a new audience, consider your products and how they can be useful to people. You might develop a personality quiz based around the products you’re trying to showcase. Previously, we discussed how to build a "fandom" with your audience- a quiz is a great way to find out their interests and join the conversation and build a relationship. Or you can create a poll or survey to get feedback on products that you’ve already showcased. The possibilities are endless!

There are a variety of tools out there including Viral Quiz Builder, Qzzr, and more, all offering different services, based on your needs. The basics of a package include tools to create the questions, ways to upload media to make the quiz more interactive, and embed the quizzes to make them more shareable across multiple platforms. Sometimes

Things to consider in your questions and results:

  • Keep it short – if a quiz is too long, users may lose interest.
  • Use images- this can draw the attention of the quiz taker.
  • Keep it simple- make the quiz easy to understand and easily shareable.
  • Make it fun- while more sales are your end goal, the focus of the quiz should be for participants to have fun.

SEO 18 1Results! Don’t reveal the results too soon- a good rule of thumb is to add an opt-in page for the partaker to join a mailing list or event an offer to receive a free gift participating. However, there should be an easy way to skip this step.



The results of the quiz should all remain positive, because people are more likely to share a positive result, rather than a negative. Keep the wording upbeat and encouraging, especially to get their friends to take it too! Include the link to website, offering the chance to learn more. The Girl Scouts provide a great example of a results page:


Quizzes are the type of media that can be used again because you can always change the topic to fit your needs. Whether you’re trying to boost a brand or drive sales or connect with followers, there’s a quiz for that!