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Convert Plug

Are you having challenges gaining subscribers with your media content? Consider the tool called ConvertPlug to add pop-ups and inline forms to your website, encouraging new traffic to sign up for your marketing content.

ConvertPlug is a WordPress plug-in that is used to help users to build email lists and create campaigns with triggered pop-ups while offering insight with analytics and build engagement with visitors. It offers users the capability to build email lists, promote offers, drive traffic, and share updates with subscribers.

ConvertPlug makes designing emails and pop-ups easy with a wide array of templates for users to choose from. On the homepage, you can choose the modal that will best fit your needs ? whether it is a coupon or pop-up.

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To use ConvertPlug:

  1. Download the plug-in on WordPress and follow the prompts for installation.
  2. Click ?Let?s get started.? You will be able to select the modal you want to create, whether it is an ?exit intent? pop-up, an ?exclusive offer,? or an ?opt-in.?
  3. Choose a template. There are so many to choose from and they?re all customizable with a live editor! To help you decide, hover your mouse over a selection and see the ?Live Preview? so you can see exactly what you will be creating.
  4. Customize to your brand. Add your own text and color scheme. You?re even able to customize the animation of how the pop will appear on your screen! Don?t forget to save.
  5. Under the Target Pages tab on the plug-in, you?re able to customize the behavior of the pop-up. In other words, you can make so this particular pop-up doesn?t show up to previous subscribers or make it invisible to current users.

Does ConvertPlug actually work? According to a case study completed in March 2016, the website narrowem.com saw a 412% increase of conversions when using ConvertPlug. Making the most of this tool can build your conversions exponentially. With results like that, it might just be worth the minimal fee.

A license to ConvertPlug is $21 and includes the service and six months of support. If needed, a user can purchase an additional six months of support for $6.30. Investing in a tool like ConvertPlug can help boost your email lists and generate leads that are meaningful to your business.