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Celebrity Branding Online: 6 Ways to Join the Conversation Taking Place in the Minds of Your Prospects


One of the principles of effective marketing is that if you can find a way to join the conversation that is already taking place in the minds of your customers and prospects, you will have a far easier time winning their business.

If you are unfamiliar with this concept, it might sound a little bit weird but basically, it just means that if you can make your marketing messages align with the thoughts that already exist in the minds of your customers, they are going to be more receptive.

One classic example is found in the dental industry. Nobody looks forward to sitting in the chair and having their mouth worked on. But just about everyone wants a bright, clean smile. So rather than trying to change the conversation and get people excited about sitting in the chair, smart dentists instead tried to capitalize on the desire that already exists –the desire for a great smile.If you can find a way to do the same for your market, you are going to be more successful. And your internet presence is one great way to achieve this. You can use your website, your social media presence, your videos, and your blogs and articles to join the conversation that is already taking place.

Below are six ways you can do this.

1) Address the fears of your customers and prospects.

What are they worriedabout? What keeps them awake at night? Work to identify these fears, acknowledge them, and then show how your products and services can wipe those fears away. Take financial planning, for instance. Many investors and retirees are fearful of running out of money during retirement. Addressing these fears and then showing how the right financial advice and the right strategy can ensure a comfortable retirement is a winning approach.

2) Reinforce their hopes and dreams.

On the other end of the spectrum, everyone has hopes and dreams. By articulating these hopes and dreams, and then demonstrating that your business can help your consumers achieve them, you can make a compelling argument for your audience to do business with you. Nike’s marketing is one great example of this strategy. Think about the last advertisement or commercial you saw from them. They spend virtually no time discussing the details of their shoes or equipment, and virtually all of their time making the case that Nike products will turn you into a winner. They know what their target market is hoping for and working towards, and they make the case that their products will help. What are your target customers hoping for? What do they dream about? And how does your business help them make these dreams a reality?

3) Break down timely information.

Current events often drive conversations within the marketplace. For instance, whatever your politics may be, the implementation of Obamacare over the next couple of years is a very significant event. If you work in a field that will be impacted, as a doctor, an insurance broker, a tax accountant, and so on, you can bet your consumers are thinking about it. If you can take the time to explain to your audience how these coming changes will impact them, many of them are going to take the time to listen to you. And if you can work your products and services into the equation, even better. Current events area key driver of conversation, so keep your eyes open for ways to engage.

4) Stay relevant to your market, visually and otherwise.

You can’t join any conversation if you don’t speak the language. And part of speaking the language, in a marketing and branding sense, is looking the part. You have to look like you belong. If your target market is young, tech-savvy professionals, your business must look like it belongs. That may mean a sharp, edgy logo and a cutting-edge website. Whatever the specifics are, the point is that if you are going to be a part of the conversation, you had better stay relevant. Your website and your social media presence go a long way towards creating the perception that your market will have of your business, so make sure you are sending the right message!

5) Project expertise.

One conversation that is almost always taking place is the desire for expertise. Think about if whether you’re hiring a financial planner, a doctor, a real estate agent, or someone to take care of your lawn, you want to hire an expert.You want to know that your assets, your health, and your home are in good hands. That’s why it is so important that you build a CelebrityExpert® brand that emphasizes your expertise. Building this type of brand makes it easier to attract new business, and it enables you to charge higher rates and still win the business. Your customers want to work with an expert so show them that you are the expert they are looking for!

6) Speak “plain English”, not techno-speak.

Finally, you can’t connect with your audience and join their conversation if they can’t understand you. So drop the technical language and speak to them in plain English. Lawyers, for instance, spend much of their time writing in highly technical language for an audience that consists of judges, other lawyers, and other legal professionals. That’s great—that’s why they went to law school. But a lawyer can’t use that type of language on their website or on social media and expect the average layperson to understand. In order to join the conversation that is happening, you have to speak and write in a way that makes sense to your audience. So make sure you are speaking their language!

If you can find a way to join the conversation that is taking place in your marketplace, you’re going to bring in more business. And your internet presence is an important way to accomplish this goal. So take a few moments right now to evaluate your website and your social media presence based on the six ideas we covered today. And as always, please let me know if you have any further questions!