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Can your phone help you stay productive?


We pride ourselves on staying on board with technology trends.

We’re the people that stalk websites waiting for the very second a new phone is released. Do we really need that new iPad? Probably not. A new desktop or program probably isn’t needed every year, but when you work closely with marketing efforts, you want to ensure that you are using the most recent products and programs. For this reason, we make it our duty to carry reliable mobile phones. Long gone are the days of when your phone was just a device to talk on. Phones are now mini computers with functional keyboards, speakers and video cameras. Your phone is a powerhouse tool and if you use it for business, we know that it is important that you use a phone that best fits your needs and lifestyle. This is especially important if you own or work closely with a business. Getting information quickly is essential and it is recommended that you carry a phone that delivers that information with ease and efficiency. We have provided a few questions that we think can determine if your phone is great at productivity or if it’s time for an upgrade.

How does the screen look?

If you dropped your phone and you now have to squint your eyes to see what what a text message is, it may be time to upgrade. After all, you may have 5 cracks in the glass today but you don’t want those 5 cranks to quickly jump to 20 with another drop.

Can you use it?

Many of us have become victims of marketing and we buy phones because they look cool. Or because a coworker recommended. This is great, but how good can a phone be if you don’t know how to use it? Watch YouTube videos or talk with the professionals at your wireless provider store to see if they can help you learn how to use your phone effectively.

Are you using apps to provide a richer experience?

The Notes app is one thing but have you ever tried Evernote? Take a look at some of the applications that you can download on your phone. You may be surprised at how well some of those apps can help with your productivity.

If it’s time to upgrade, be sure to consider your needs before purchasing. Do you need a lot of memory? Are you a real estate agent who needs a phone that can allow you to take high resolution images? Do you require the ability to tether? Does your phone need to be large? It is without a doubt that considering a new phone is a big deal in this day and age. We hope that we’ve made the consideration a little easier for you.