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Ah- the changes of Google

(in case you want to know how we’re changing our strategy do to recent Google changes- this is the email I sent to all my clients about 2 minutes ago)

Well- part of why I love what I do is because it never stays the same!

I’m sure by now you’ve seen recent changes Google has been making since November- their "war again spam." Although I’ve been monitoring it- up until now, I haven’t seen a need to change anything.

That changed yesterday…

Effectively released yesterday- article syndication is dead. While I do still have some of my articles showing up on page 3 from some previous syndication- the weight from these types of sites is no longer signification and I would bet that as soon as I put out more relevant content these pages will disappear.

Is your website going to hurt? Not at all.

This doesn’t affect your website- what is does affect is the "link juice" these sites pass to yours… Or now, as they are saying- they don’t pass much at all.

What does this mean for you? All this really means is we will tailor our strategy for you so that you get maximum exposure. I will continue to watch these article syndication sites because I assume that they, in a couple months, will bounce back with some stricter guidelines that might make them useful again…. But as of now we will stop submitting to these sites as they are no good. I am also watching Hubpages and stopped syndication there as well because they got hit too BUT WE WILL submit to KNOL and Squidoo as part of our strategy for you.

Rest assured that you will still see content being indexed for your name and company name- and the articles produced WILL still brand you as the expert- just the syndicated/distribution channels will be changed slightly.

This also means that these strategies will play an even bigger role in online brand domination:

  • Videos for your YouTube channel
  • Photos on Flickr
  • Create a Podcast for iTunes
  • Squidoo Lenses
  • Press Releases
  • Build a strong following on social networks

So- if you currently are not using videos and photos as part of your overall strategy- let’s look at how we can help you do that.

I just wanted to give you an overall update on the changes. Again-these links DO NOT NEGATIVELY AFFECT YOU– they just no longer really help 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions- I’m happy to answer!