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Adobe Spark Video

ConvinceandConvert.com called 2016 the ?Year of Video Marketing,? and web traffic studies have shown audiences are straying away from traditional blog posts toward video content. Keep with up with the evolving marketing strategies with Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark is design tool, making it easier than ever to create attention-grabbing marketing content, even for those without the highest level of design skills. It is free to use via iOS app or desktop. At this time, Adobe Spark is not available on GooglePlay, but expected to be released soon.

To use, you can create a new account or log in through an existing Adobe, Facebook, or Google account. Upon logging-in, you will be prompted to confirm your email and agree to the program?s terms and conditions before you can get started.

To create a video:

  1. Select video
  2. Enter a title or idea (this isn?t permanent! Spark offers the opportunity to go back and edit!)
  3. Pick a template or start from scratch.

Spark offers a variety of templates from ?Personal Growth? to share your experiences to ?Promote an Idea? to create a call-to-action campaign.


With Spark, you?re able to record your voice telling the story, add photos and text to each slide, and play it back before publishing to ensure everything is just as you want it. Spark makes it easy to share across social media and the web.

Each template offers a step-by-step guide to create the video, prompting you to fill in the setting, the problem, and a call to action. There are different themes and layouts available for each template, making the video customizable to your brand. You have the ability to add music, whether pre-recorded and provided by Adobe, or uploaded from your files. You can also create voiceovers for your video, add pictures, change the texts, and add icons.

When you?re ready, share your video! You can download it for your files as well as create a link to embed into websites and blogs, as well as post on social media sites.

Videos aren?t the only thing you can create on Adobe Spark; the same easy-to-use templates are available to create social graphics, web stories, and more. Adobe Spark is a great tool to have on hand to create new content- and the best part? It?s free!