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A Presence On LinkedIn Is Important


If you thought LinkedIn was just for those seeking employment, you could not be more wrong.

While the popular social networking site is ideal for those looking for jobs, an active LinkedIn presence proves to also be beneficial to businesses, both small and large. Even small business owners will find that keeping their LinkedIn profiles up to date can put them in front of potential customers, contractors and investors.

Unlike YouTube and Google+, LinkedIn’s resume-style format allows for members of the site to browse at individuals’ work histories. This is where you get a chance to shine. Posting previous jobs that you held is great but adding images, videos and showing examples of your work is even better. LinkedIn allows for you to upload files to directly to your profile. Viewers are able to click around and take a look at the work you’ve done. Did one of your clients land in a major publication? Did YOU land in a major publication? Add this information to your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn Can Be Social

While you may not think to head to LinkedIn to share every bit of your life (that’s for Facebook!), did you know that LinkedIn allows for users to do status updates? Providing information about new products, developments and industry news shows that you’re in the know and that you stay up on hot topics. Does your business have a blog? Share those blog posts on LinkedIn and give those who follow you an idea of how knowledgeable you are in your area.

LinkedIn is a vessel of information and this user-friendly site makes it easy to share and find information that often gets lost on other social media sites. LinkedIn status updates tend to live a bit longer than a tweet or Facebook status update. You don’t have to worry about getting buried under a stream of irrelevant content.

If you’ve been neglecting your LinkedIn account, it is time to get hip to it again. LinkedIn continues to be a leader in the social networking field and the site isn’t dying out any time soon.