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5 Things you MUST have in your Twitter Profile!

A friends and client emailed me the other day about out Twitter designs that we have done for ourselves and some other clients… which got me thinking about this blog post.

People buy people… right? And by now, everyone should understand the power of twitter… so, are you putting your personality into your twitter profile like you would your website?

Here are some things that your twitter profile SHOULD have it in…

  1. Your picture
  2. Your logo
  3. Short bio
  4. Contact information
  5. he current branding that your website or other promotional items have.

Take a look at some examples that we have done and I think you’ll have a better idea of how this can be useful.

And to take it one step further, you can also carry these designs through to your YouTube Channels:

If you have a web designer, just give ‘em the things mentioned above and tell ‘em to get to it! And if you don’t Click Here for Twitter Designs and Click Here for YouTube Designs and we’d be happy to handle it for you quickly!

To your social media success!