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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Instagram


We’ve talked quite a bit about Instagram and we aren’t done! If you aren’t hip to this social media network, you may want to explore it a bit more because Instagram is taking the world by storm. More and more people are logging on and brands and businesses are really able to reach out to many of their clients and customers by simply uploading a picture.

We have 5 reasons for why we think Instagram is so great!

It’s easy.

Facebook seems to get more complicated by the second. Twitter may confuse because people they aren’t sure where to use hashtags or how to use that little @ symbol but Instagram?!  It’s practically fool-proof and virtually anyone can upload an image and add text. The app is simple to navigate with only few options and this makes updating regularly super simple.

It’s visual.

Many people love Instagram because it just looks…attractive! Where other social media networks tend to have too many words which may annoy some people, Instagram is all visual. You don’t have to think much to access it. You just look at images. Easy enough, right? Instagram, for some, is like a vacation because you’re able to see pictures of many different sites, people and places around the world. All while casually browsing!

The hashtags soar.

Have you tried searching for hashtags on Twitter? It’s hard! It isn’t as easy on Facebook either but when it comes to Instagram, simply tapping on a hashtag sends you right to a stream of pictures. This can help you connect with several potential clients and customers as it it easier to weed through what’s interesting. Who doesn’t like looking at pictures?

Connecting is easy.

Want to send someone a message? Tag them! Reply to them! Send them a direct message! Instagram takes the guesswork on how to really reach out to someone by giving you several ways to network and connect.

It is growing in popularity.

If all of these reasons haven’t convinced you enough, consider this one. While all social media networks continue to grow, Instagram is REALLY taking off and growing rapidly. Don’t be left behind.

Do you have a presence on Instagram?