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5 Reasons Hashtags Are the Unsung Heroes of Social Media

hashtagThere are lots of tips and tricks out there to help you get the most out of your social endeavors, but if you only become proficient in one, it should be the use of the hashtag.  Why is the hashtag so great, you ask? It’s just a symbol.  A couple of lines intersected by another couple of lines.  How can it possibly help promote me or my business?

So glad you asked! Here are the top five reasons why hashtags are the MVP of Social.

Hashtags Travel

Once upon a time, hashtags lived only in the land of Twitter.  However, when the other realms saw how well this simple character worked for organizing categories, finding relevant content and search, they began to adopt hashtags to function in the same way. Adding a hashtag to a word or phrase on any of the major social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram) will allow that content to be seen via searches for those terms.  This is especially important if you tie your social accounts together or schedule messages.  Now one message with a hashtag can expand your reach on multiple platforms with minimal effort.

Hashtags Collect

If you’re trying to find specific content on social media platforms, a hashtag search will provide all content with those tags.  If you tag your own content, it will show up when others search.  This maximizes the reach of your message and puts you in front of people who may not already be following you.

Hashtags Connect

Hashtags are a great way to find customers or like-minded people via social.  Have you ever gotten started on a social site and wondered who to follow? A hashtag search for your business keywords or interests can lead you people with whom you’d like to interact or whose questions you may be able to answer.  It will also lead you to competitors so you can evaluate how they interact and adopt the practices that fit for you. In addition, you can use hashtags to connect on a deeper level by creating a specific hashtag to sort a conversation out of the general stream. This can be a one-time event or a weekly conversation on a specific topic.

Pro Tip:  Did you know that you can hashtag your profile information on Twitter? This is another great way for people to find you. Not sure how to do that? Click here.

Hashtags Report

Hashtags are an easy, instant way to view and quantify the results of a social media campaign.  By choosing a unique hashtag and asking anyone who participates to use the hashtag or providing a hashtag for people to use at offline events, you can easily quantify how many people participated while expanding your reach.  Also, since social media sites are time stamped, you are able to determine the effects of a campaign over time.

Hashtags Lead

A quick and easy way to get involved in breaking news is to follow along with trending topics.  These may be sorted globally and locally giving you several opportunities to join active conversations and get in front of a larger audience.  Of course, the caveat to this is to make sure that you are not spamming the trending topic with irrelevant messages and always strive to be sensitive to the situation at hand.  You certainly don’t want to be that company highlighted as a ‘Don’t’ example across the internet by using a national tragedy to help you sell shoes.

And there you have it.  The top five reasons why you should live, learn and love the noble hashtag.

All Hail the Hashtag!