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12-18-12 Tuesday Training: How to "Highlight" something on Facebook

This a simple concept, but we’ve found that with Facebook’s change to Timeline format, this feature went unnoticed by many people. Because of the change to Timeline format, the layout of business pages has changed for better and for worse. It a fun format and with exciting features but one negative aspect in some people’s opinions is the "Recent Posts by Others" box on business pages. While some love that it puts what everyone else is saying to the side and the regular viewer is able to just see what the company is saying, other people hate it.

The solution? The "Highlight" option.

To start with, we’ll approach from the business post perspective. Have you ever seen that Fortune 500 company’s business page with the giant picture that stretches across the whole screen? That’s because the post has been highlighted.

Posts that you’ve made as your business will already appear on your business page timeline. But what if you want to highlight one of those posts even more? What if you want to put a giant picture on your timeline? It’s simple!

With your cursor, hover over the post you’d like to highlight.

Click the star in the top right corner, and voila! Your post is highlighted. (You may need to refresh your page to see this change)

Now, we’ll talk about highlighting "Recent Posts by Others," which can be a little bit confusing. As we mentioned before, Timeline format kicks all the posts by your followers to a box on the side. But what if a client writes a recommendation? No one will see it in that box over there. You need to get it out on the full Timeline so that visitors to your Facebook page will be able to see it right away.

In the top right of the "Recent Posts by Others" box, click "See All."

Find the post you’d like to highlight and hover over it with your cursor.

Here’s the confusing part: An "x" will appear in the top right corner of the post. In the past, this "x" was basically used to delete a post. And there’s no other indication that it would do anything different now. In fact, if you hover over the "x" with your cursor, the word "Remove" will appear. We don’t know why Facebook would do it like this, but the "x" in this case really functions like a drop down menu. It doesn’t remove, necessarily. It gives you several options, one of which is to remove the post. So click the "x" (even though we know, it goes against your instincts! An "x" in the top right corner always means "go away" and not "highlight").

Once you click it you will see the option "Highlighted on Page" which you can then click.  And there you go! All will be able to see that post in giant format! Keep in mind that Timeline is still in chronological order, so if you are highlighting a post that was put up a month ago, it will show up back before the last month’s posts.

We hope this post was helpful in untangling one of Facebook’s slightly confusing features. We’ve found that Facebook and many other social media sites can be constantly evolving, making it difficult for business owners to stay on top of things. But that’s what we’re here for! We stay up to date on the latest and greatest in social media and are ready to implement it for you at your command!

You tell us – what else would you like to learn about social media?

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