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12-11-12 Tuesday Training: How to Tackle Pinterest for your Business

As one of the fastest growing social media sites (they hit 10 million unique vistors per month faster than any website ever) and with its referral traffic higher than LinkedIn, Google+ and Youtube combined, Pinterest isn’t really something many companies can afford to ignore. Perfect for our visual culture, it’s a picture sharing machine. Since pictures say a thousand words, users don’t have to read about products and services. They can see them. And then be directed straight to an opportunity to purchase them.

Like any social media community, Pinterest has its own breed of users. And more important than jumping in, is knowing what you’re jumping into. We’re making three recommendations to help give you a solid foundation to put your business on Pinterest.

  • Know the audience. Pinterest is predominantly women. To put a number on it, about 70% of users are female. This is one of the most important factors in developing your social media marketing plan for the site. What do you have to offer women? Is your product solely for men? If so, your Pinterest marketing plan would have to accommodate both a narrow audience of men and an audience of women who have their man in mind. Be sure to spend time considering your marketing plan for a crowd that is almost exclusively women. What kind of woman are you targeting? Homemakers? Prominent business women? Health conscious women? Once you’ve developed an understanding of who you’re talking to on Pinterest, you can start to understand how to talk to them.
  • Know the site.  When a user "pins" something on Pinterest they pin it to a certain "board" which falls into a certain category. Understanding the most popular categories can  give you a head-start in planning what types of posts might be the most widely viewed on the site. Currently, the top five categories are: Home, Arts & Crafts, Style/Fashion, Food, Inspiration/Education. Is there a way your product, service or brand relates to one of these categories? Be creative! You might be surprised by just how possible it is that your brand does have a place on Pinterest. Don’t believe us? Check out what General Electric http://pinterest.com/generalelectric/ is doing .
  • Know how to have fun. Another lesson you can learn from General Electric besides creativity is how to relate to your customers in an intentionally fun way. The more time you spend on Pinterest the more you’ll be able to see the trends and jokes and be able to participate in the conversation. See how General Electric participated in the "Hey girl" trend here. http://pinterest.com/generalelectric/hey-girl/

These three tips can give you great insight into the world of Pinterest and help you formulate an effective and relevant marketing plan for putting your brand on one of the fastest growing social media sites to date.

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