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11-20-12 Tuesday Training: How to Get Your Klout Score

In last week’s Tuesday Training we wrote about measuring your influence in social media outlets through a website called Klout.com. The application gathers information about your engagement on different social media sites and about others’ engagement with you, and then generates an overall score reflecting your influence.

This score can be a great tool in simply monitoring your involvement and discovering areas for improvement. But as time goes on and the website becomes more popular, it is possible that the Klout score itself will hold an increasing amount of weight to your potential clients, aside from your actual social media engagement itself.

That makes two reasons to work for a higher Klout score. To improve and social media engagement, and to improve your score itself.

First, check your home page on Klout. Look through "Your Moments." This is going to show your influential social interactions within a recent period of time. Are there themes here? Can you see that some moments were more influential than others? Maybe one social media outlet has had more user engagement than another. Maybe people responded well to a personal post.

Whatever it is, see if you can find a theme. Advice that is most often overlooked is the data that comes from our own experience. And oftentimes that is most relevant to you! What has been successful for you in social media? Try to replicate and tweak those effective engagements.

Beyond using your own data to improve your influence, we came up with two small ways to help improve your score.

Promote Post "Likes" – This is surprisingly easy to forget. When posts are created, we often just assume that our fans will "like" them when they actually like them. But sometimes our beloved Facebook users need a little help. Try prompting them in your update. When our people from Celebrity Branding Agency traveled to California for the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors Annual Best-Sellers’ Summit and Awards Gala, they posted "We made it! ‘Like’ this post if you’re checking in to the Hollywood Roosevelt with us today! – or if you WISH you were!" This post earned more likes than most others from that same event. A little prompt that promotes user engagement can go a long way with your Klout score (not to mention with your clients!)

Retweet others – Twitter can be a give-and-take sort of social media outlet. Sometimes. Sometimes, others want to be retweeted just as much as you do. Taking the first step doesn’t hurt. Retweeting your customers or like-minded organizations can be a great way to make positive connections on Twitter. And it can open the door for them following you or wanting to retweet you! Now, if you retweet the president, he probably won’t retweet you. If he did, your Klout score would probably skyrocket since he is rated highly influential on social media. But know that it will never negatively affect you to retweet someone who has a lower score than you. Engagement can only help!

Both of these ideas seem overly simple, but every little bit helps when it comes to your Klout score and social media engagement. Sometimes fine-tuning something you’re already doing is exactly what you need to get totally different results.

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