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11-13-12 Tuesday Training: How to Get Your Klout Score

Klout.com is a website that measures a person’s influence in social media. To be more specific, it measures how people interact with your content and how you interact with others’ content and then generates a total score of your social influence.

The application works with our four main social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ as well as a few others. And of course it interacts with each in a different way. For instance, when measuring Facebook influence, Klout looks at Mentions, Likes, Comments, Subscribers, Wall Posts and Friends. And on LinkedIn, Klout is concerned with your Title, Connections, Recommenders and Comments. And that’s just an overview

It also factors others’ Klout scores into yours by assigning more value to a comment from a LinkedIn member with 1,000 connections than a LinkedIn member with 10 connections. Or assigning less value to a Facebook comment from a user that often comments on many statuses versus a Facebook user who rarely comments on anything. All these things and much more are seen by Klout as indicators of your influence.

So how can you check your score

  1. Start by visiting Klout.com. If you’re interested in learning a little more, click "How It Works" in the top right corner. They go into even greater detail about how your Klout score is generated.
  2. Click the "Connect with Facebook" or "Sign in with Twitter" button
  3. Sign in to your account and authorize the app.
  4. Klout will probably ask for your other social media sites also – LinkedIn, Google+ etc. And adding these sites will most likely help your score.
  5. Get your score!

Rumor has it that Justin Bieber is the only person with a Klout score of 100. But as the app becomes more popular, that could easily change.

While other Klout users can see your score, use the number right now as just one gauge of your social media health. As the app becomes more widely received, your score may contribute to an online perception of your company – people may see your score and assume that you are or are not a person or brand that truly engages on social media.

But for now, it’s a great test. Because even though Klout’s measurements may seem in-depth and complicated, they really are a pretty relevant reflection of how other social media users see you. Whether they do consciously or not, potential customers will ask themselves similar questions and make determinations about your influence. "Is this person connected to anyone?" "Is this person connected to anyone I find interesting?" "Why does this company follow more people than it has followers?"

As with any score, see it as a picture of the places you can improve. If your score is low, take a closer look at what Klout measures. Then experiment with ways to improve in those areas. Or check out nest week’s Tuesday Training for a shortcut!

Tuesday Training 11-20 How to Improve your Klout score