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10/30/12 Tuesday Training: No Such Thing as Free PR? An Introduction to HARO

If you’ve never heard of Help A Reporter Out (HARO), you’ve probably been missing great Public Relations opportunities. The company functions as a middle man between reporters and the subjects and experts they need to interview for their articles and segments. Reporters from news agencies such as FOX, ABC, Associated Press and many others along with radio show and television hosts utilize this great go-between. In today’s media-driven world, this extra exposure could be exactly what you need to drive traffic to your site, increase sales and most of all, become known as the celebrity in your field.

How it Works:

A reporter submits her topic to HARO along with a description of the type of person she needs to interview.

Then HARO takes that query along with many others and places them in an email.



Summary: Your Best Entrepreneur Tips

Name: Susan Payton CorpNet.com/blog

Category: Business and Finance

Email: query-2k5h@helpareporter.net

Media Outlet: CorpNet.com/blog

Deadline: 2:00 PM PST – 26 October


I’m looking for tips for someone starting a new business from
 entrepreneurs. What are your top 3?


Please send tips directly as I won’t be conducting interviews,

rather pulling tips from the responses I get.


HARO sends out three different emails a day filled with all kinds of PR opportunities (morning, afternoon, evening).

Next you, the source, sift through the email’s queries to see if any fit your niche. You might be surprised at how often your niche will show up in a query. But that’s why you’re in business, isn’t it? Because there’s a need in the world for your specific expertise.

Once you’ve found a query that fits you – respond! Remember that branding yourself as the celebrity expert in your field not only takes strategic PR but also persistent PR. If you aren’t quoted in one article, maybe you’ll be quoted on a radio show you submitted for.

How to Start:

The Basic Program is FREE and has the potential to make a big difference in your business. If you’d like to see priced options that are more tailored to you, check out their website here. http://www.helpareporter.com/sources

To sign up for the Basic Program, visit their website and sign up! They’ll ask for a little information about you and your company. Then, after the confirmation email, you should be entered into their morning-afternoon-evening cycle right away! And a great bonus – they don’t sell your email.

HARO is just one small cog in the machine of online and media branding. As I’ve said before, it’s Circular Marketing that will gain recognition for your name. A combination of our branding tools and capitalizing on opportunities such as the ones HARO offers is the branding approach that will give you a true Return on Investment.

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