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1-8-13 Tuesday Training: How to use Hootsuite Efficiently

For the average user, Hootsuite is a free and very convenient service used to manage your social media accounts. You can schedule posts, view your Home Feeds, see analytics and all kinds of other stuff for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more! At times, we’ve found this service to be very handy but other times it’s unfortunately been a detriment to its user. But as long as you follower our advice, you’ll be able to get the most out of Hootsuite without falling into the common trap.

First off, if you haven’t already, visit Hootsuite.com to set up your free account. They’ve got a pretty slick set up process so it just takes a few minutes to hook up all your social media platforms.

Once it’s all set up, we recommend looking around the site for a little while. Maybe even take the short "tour" they provide. Soon enough, you’ll have a good grasp on what Hootsuite is all about.

One of the most popular uses for Hootsuite is post scheduling, so that’s what we’ll focus on in this session. Post scheduling is where some people fall into a trap. They think they’re being efficient with their time, scheduling posts in advance, but really, that "efficiency" is just a nice way of saying "convenient enough that it allows me to be lazy." Obviously, that’s not the best approach to social media. And truth is, you’ll more than likely see the effects of that laziness returned in the lazy (or non-existent) engagement from your followers.

We want to offer three tips to make sure that "efficiency" that Hootsuite offers, really is efficient for you. Because if you aren’t able to engage with your followers, it’s really not an efficient system at all in social media. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Efficient Tip # 1: Plan.

Yes, we said it, do plan posts. A vital part of effective online marketing is a marketing plan. Know what you want to accomplish with your social media sites. Determine what steps you can take to get you there. Craft strategic posts for things you can see in advance.

Efficient Tip #2: Set it, DON’T forget it.

Businesses especially seem to take to the idea that people will engage with their preplanned posts and that it is the business’s right to not engage back. It may be your right, but what is the point of your customer engaging with a post about your product when you’re not there to post the sale? Always keep in mind which posts you have going out on which day. And then remember to check on those posts and breathe a little extra life into them if necessary.

Efficient Tip #3: In Addition to…

Your Hootsuite posts should never be your only posts. If you’ve got an active presence on the world wide web, odds are new topics and stories might come to you as you go through the rest of life. Or maybe there’s news in your office? These are perfect opportunities to make "live" posts on your social media sites to ensure that what you’re putting out there really is relevant and up-to-the-minute.

No matter which way you slice it, social media needs a person on both ends. The business end doesn’t need to be a CEO, but it can’t be an online service. And why would want an online service "personally" engaging with your customers when you could have an educated and talented employee doing so?

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