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1-1-13 Tuesday Training: How to Cross-Sell with Facebook

We all know by now that Facebook can be a great marketing tool for your company (not to mention free). You’re able to engage with your users on an outstandingly personal level and constantly send them whatever message your company wants to send. But how can we move from selling your brand on Facebook, to selling your product?

Our short answer? Applications!

Facebook Timeline comes equipped with a whole host of apps to add to your page. What do you wish people could do through your page? Buy your book? Well maybe they can!

When your Facebook business page is created, you’re given a few default apps. These include "Photos," "Likes," and maybe "Events" and a map of your location. It’s up to you to add more applications that work directly with what you’re trying to accomplish on Facebook.

Wish people could see your website straight from your Facebook page? Try the "Static HTML: iframe tabs" app! You can create an app that directs to a page of your website by just having the URL – no coding required! Or use the "Static HTML: iframe tabs" app to direct them to your book on Amazon, or any other URL where they can buy your products.

Another app we love is Youtube. Your customers can see a list and description of your videos straight from the Facebook App. And if one sounds interesting, they can simply click the link and Youtube will open a new tab with your video!

Of course we love the RSS Feed apps. It’s another direct way for your customers to access your content and think about purchasing your expertise to fulfill their needs and wants.

There are some 9 million apps out there on Facebook, so use your imagination. What do you want Facebook to do for you? Talk with your Social Media Coordinator at Celebrity Sites and see how you can begin to utilize Facebook to sell your products and begin to monetize your social media.

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