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07/24/12 Tuesday Training: How to Use Twitter for Customer Service

Twitter can be one of the best tools when it comes to providing your clients with great customer service. Why? —Because it’s personal and it’s fast.

More and more, businesses are beginning to understand the value of social media in the workplace, especially Twitter. Actively engaging with your clients on Twitter is a great way to build their trust, gain that 3rd party verification that YOU are the EXPERT at what you do, and it provides your audience a way to connect with you! So, why not also use this powerful marketing tool to provide your clients with great customer service too?!

Respond Quickly and Authentically:

Use the speed of Twitter to your advantage by dealing with client issues quickly and using the @reply feature that Twitter provides. The @reply is a tactic that many successful companies like Honda, Toyota, Starbucks, and Microsoft are using in their client relations efforts.

The beauty of Twitter is, if someone mentions your business in a post, you can easily follow the conversation. When you find someone complaining about your company or an issue relating to your business on Twitter you can @reply them to see how you can help! The conversation is going to happen with you or without you, so it is your job to step in and turn a negative into a positive ☺

@replies provide a quick, public and transparent face to your customer service! It allows others to see what you’re doing for your clients, how you handle their needs. The public nature of @replies can also answer questions that other clients might be wondering.

Be Personal:

Twitter is a conversational platform, so make sure you are joining in the conversation! Don’t be a distant, rigid corporate entity that your clients can’t relate to; instead, be personal! Twitter is a great way to build a trusting relationship with your audience AND reinforce the fact that there are REAL people behind your business, so use it to your advantage!

Twitter and social media are redefining how customer service is done in today’s business world. Using Twitter as a customer service tool can be a great way to build trust with your audience and reinforce the fact that your clients come first!

Remember, the conversation is going to happen WITH you or WITHOUT you—so it is your job to step in and take action! If you come across an unhappy client on Twitter, address it with an @reply and always be approachable ☺ You can easily turn a negative into a positive by displaying fast and quality customer service on Twitter!

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