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07/10/12 Tuesday Training: Using Pinterest For Business: Keywords, Hashtags, and Links!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the world’s fastest growing social media platform to ever grace the interner, reaching more than 10 million followers faster than Twitter and Facebook. On Pinterest, "trending" images, with links back to the original source, can get Pinned and Repinned on thousands of virtual display boards!

Using Pinterest For business:

Businesses have caught on to this popular visual marketing tool, using Pinterest to grow their brand and promote their online presence! Not only can businesses generate buzz with attention-grabbing images, but they can also use Pinterest to build links for that sought after 3rd party verification! So, before your business becomes the next CELEBRITY on Pinterest, you need to understand the value of keywords, hashtags, and links on this!

Keywords and Hashtags:

When creating a description for a new Pin, you can optimize your Pin by adding specific keywords that users are most likely going to type in when searching for specific content on Pinterest! You need to think: what are people searching?

For example, say you are a fitness expert, and you want to post a wonderful eye-catching photo of a healthy recipe, with a link back to your website. When coming up with keywords to use for your Pin description, you probably do not want to use the same language that you would use when speaking to another fitness expert. Avoid industry jargon, and stick to what you know people will be typing in!

You may also wish to add hashtags to "tag" your Pin. For example, you might add "#healthy or #fitness to the end of your Pin. You may add as many as you like, but remember that too many hashtags can look like spam! So, having too many actually work against you!


Be sure to add links to your company website and your other social media platforms on your Pinterest profile!

When posting a new Pin, you can also bring users to specific web pages on your website by adding the specific URL in your Pin description 🙂 You can also add a "Pin-it" button on your blog and website! This will allow users to Pin these photos, and you can achieve that 3rd party verification!

Now that you know how to optimize your marketing strategy on Pinterest by adding specific keywords, unique hashtags and linking pins back to your website, you can become a CELEBRITY Pinner and grow your onine presence! You can create a Pinterest catalog, host a competition and even Pin special offers—all linking back to YOUR site for that 3rd party verification!

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