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Your Celebrity Expert Status Starts on the Web! Seven SEO Mistakes to Avoid!

SEO mistakes

Like it or not, your Celebrity Status starts on the web.

The first thing anybody does before doing business is goes to the web. If they’ve heard about you from somewhere, they will Google your name or company name to see if you really are an expert. If they have a problem and they need a solution, they’re Googling the problem.

You have to be everywhere!

Unfortunately, the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is constantly changing. Google plays a substantial role in these fluctuations—every time the search giant tweaks its algorithms, SEO strategies must be tweaked to compensate. But in addition to Google-prompted change, there are new software programs, techniques, and strategies popping up regularly. It can be confusing, to say the least!

As a result, if you don’t spend time on a weekly basis monitoring SEO best practices, it’s easy to fall out of the loop. And unfortunately, sometimes being outside of the loop can lead to SEO practices that actually harm your website. So today, we are going to take a look at seven common SEO mistakes to avoid.

Are you committing any of these?

1) Keyword stuffing.

A popular early SEO strategy, the concept of keyword stuffing is simple—you use a huge volume of keywords over and over on a single page. The search engines picked up on those keywords and ranked the site accordingly. That strategy has been outdated for several years now, however, and keyword stuffing today will have a negative impact on your SEO results. You should feature your keywords in the content that you write—but only when they are relevant and natural. Don’t force-feed keywords into your content!

2) Poor keyword selection.

One of the very first and most important steps when it comes to SEO is keyword selection. Unfortunately, many website owners rush through this step and wind up investing valuable time and resources into the wrong keywords. There are two fundamental mistakes to be made here—the first is choosing a keyword that is too competitive. Unless you have a tremendous amount of resources to expend, going after competitive phrases like “investments” or “financial advice” is going to leave you frustrated. On the other hand, choosing keywords that have a low search volume won’t help, either. The key is to select “long-tail” keywords that will deliver targeted traffic to your website, without being so popular that it’s impossible to make the first page. For instance, “investment advisor Orlando” or “Financial advice for Florida retirees” would be better choices than the original examples I shared. There are a number of tools that can make the process of keyword selection easier—contact me to learn more!

3) Focusing heavily on article directories.

Until about a year ago, submitting content to article directories across the web was a great way to build backlinks. Recently, however, Google has dramatically reduced the weight it gives to article directories. Continuing to post on these directories won’t hurt your SEO results, but it won’t help, either. This could change in the future, but as of now, utilizing article directories as a link-building strategy is essentially a waste of time and resources.

4) Using hidden text.

This is another strategy that was effective years ago, but will now actually harm your SEO efforts. Whether it is hiding SEO content at the bottom of pages or utilizing other methods to conceal it, hidden text is simply a losing strategy. Focus on creating valuable content on your website and blog—don’t utilize hidden text.

5) Ignoring video and social media.

As strategies like keyword stuffing, hidden text, and article directory submission are phased out of Google’s search algorithm, something has to take their place, right? Lately, Google and other search engines have placed an additional emphasis on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Flickr. This is actually great news for reputable businesses—as it changes the focus of SEO strategies away from content that is more or less invisible to consumers, towards platforms that facilitate market interaction. As a result, not only is developing a strong social media presence a great way to interact with your customers and prospects, but it will also pay SEO dividends. Video content is particularly important—so if you haven’t begun creating a presence on YouTube or other video sites, now is the time to get with the program. Contact me if you’d like help getting started!

6) Ignoring title tags and meta descriptions.

Title tags (the text at the very top of your browser window) are very important from an SEO standpoint. Many websites fail to utilize them and end up with title tags like “Home” and “Contact” that don’t do anything for the search engines. Incorporate your keywords into your title tags—for instance, at CelebritySites.com, the title tag on our home page is “Orlando Social Media Agency | Orlando Online Marketing Agency”. Make sure that your title tags are different from page to page, as well—otherwise you’re basically telling Google that every page on your site is the same. Your meta description tags are critical as well—this is the text that often appears under your website on search engines. Don’t engage in keyword stuffing, as you’ll be penalized for it. Instead, summarize the content of each page accurately, while working in keywords naturally. Title tags and meta descriptions have a major impact on your SEO results, so don’t overlook them!

7) Failure to track results.

At the end of the day, it’s impossible to know how well your SEO strategy is playing out if you aren’t tracking results. Without reviewing the data, you can’t know which initiatives are working and which aren’t. I recommend reviewing your SEO results on a monthly basis, if not more frequently. At a minimum, pay attention to your search engine rankings for your top keywords as well as traffic levels and sources to your website.

How does your SEO strategy measure up?

Are you making any of these mistakes? If so, the good news is that now you know better! And even if you have been engaging in practices that harm your search rankings, the damage can be repaired—you simply need to stop what you’ve been doing and shift your resources to appropriate techniques. If you need help building your Celebrity Expert status online, feel free to get in touch with me today if you’d like to learn more about cutting edge SEO strategies that really work!

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