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Web Site Tips for 2008

It’s 2008 and as people try to commit to their New Year Resolutions. I thought it worthy to give you some tips for you to commit to for your New Year Web Site Resolutions.

Here are 7 quick tips to give your web site a lift in 2008.

1. Make sure you have a "CTA" (call to action) on every page of your site. You can even use several CTAs on a page if you have multiple items to offer.

2. Place your company’s phone number and an "Email us" link in the top right corner of your web site. People read web sites like a book, left to right. They will look to the far left for the company and what web site they are one and the immediately look to the right for the company’s contact information should they need it.

3. Make sure to have a lead capture on every page. You will see on our pages we use both a mailing list signup as well as a free special report offer. You never know when someone will get the urge to give you their contact information and you want to make sure you’re there and ready to capture it!

4. GET MORE TESTIMONIALS! Third party verification, what someone says about you, is much better than you saying how wonderful your company is. When you can, post a picture with the testimonial and make sure to also post their name, company and position. Make the person as "real-life" as you can. Video and audio testimonials are even better if you can get them.

5. Cut the "fat," make your copy short, simple and to the point. If longer copy is necessary use headings, sub-headings and bullet points to break up the longer copy.

6. Make sure the personality you use if you were selling someone face-to-face is also on your web site. There are many ways to add personality including pictures, color, BLOGs, articles, bios and copy.

7. Make it easy for readers to get the latest business happenings and content you’ve added to your site- add RSS feeds to all BLOGS, articles and press releases you put on your site.

I hope 2008 is a successful and prosperous year for you all. Happy 2008!

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