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Using Social Media During Your Events


In celebration of the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors’ Thought Leaders Summit and Golden Gala Awards this week, let’s talk about how you can use social media to help you capture and make the most of your upcoming events!

Whether you’re going to a major event to receive an award for becoming a Best-Selling author, or hosting a workshop for your clients, there are plenty of ways to include social media.

Here are some tips!

  • Create a custom hashtag. While you can’t “own” any particular hashtag, you can pick one that’s unique to your event and encourage your attendees to use it. This has benefits for both your and your guests, including letting you answer any questions that may come up, and allowing them to find and connect with other attendees on social media.
  • Project those tweets! Use a site like Tweetdeck or Twub to project tagged tweets during the event. Not only does this allow you to encourage and display real-time participation in your event, but you can also use these programs to keep track of participants and offer a prize! If you’re an attendee, don’t forget to participate!
  • Get video. With the popularity of Vine and Instagram, it’s easier than ever to get and share behind-the-scenes video from an event, no expensive video equipment needed! You can then embed those short videos on your site and/or on your wrap-up blog about the event!
  • Don’t forget photos. In takes mere seconds to capture an event and share it to social media, so it’s a given that you should take as many pictures as you can! To keep from frustrating your followers with constant posts, add the photos to a Facebook gallery in related groups, and then share that gallery via your other social media profiles.
  • Let guests contribute! Depending on the size and type of the event, it could be good to create a shared Facebook gallery or Pinterest board so that your guests can post their pictures from the event. While you do really have to know your audience, it’s a great way to get more photos from different perspectives, and get those images (and therefore your company) shared with even more people.
  • Stream your event! Allow those who aren’t able to attend to participate in the experience by live-streaming relevant parts of your events (like speeches) via YouTube, Facebook, Livestream, or Ustream. Don’t forget to share permanent versions on your social media after the even too!
  • Tag your guests! When your share pictures, quotes from speakers, and anything else related to a person at your event, make sure to tag them! This not only gives them the opportunity to respond, but it gives them the chance to share their experience with their friends and family. People are often really excited to do this, so give them the chance!
  • Use your hashtag to keep attendees up-to-date. Encourage your attendees to keep track of your hashtag for up-to-the-minute updates on current happenings. For instance, if you have to move rooms for a breakout session, social media can be one of the easiest ways to let participants know without disrupting other sessions.
  • Set up different locations for your event on Foursquare. By encouraging your clients to check in, you can get some valuable information on which workshops or events were most popular for your next event!


Need help putting together a specific social media for your upcoming event? Get in touch to discuss your options!

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