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The Online Marketing Year in Review!

As the final day of 2013 winds down, let’s take a few moments to look over some of the biggest stories in the rapidly evolving world of social media and SEO in 2013. From new apps taking the world by storm, to major changes in how we do SEO, it’s been a busy year in online marketing!

  • Facebook added hashtags. One of the last to add the prominent social networking symbol, Facebook finally added hashtags this summer. While their use on the social networking is growing, they still aren’t nearly as popular as they are on Twitter, and they’re definitely not having the same viral effect.
  • Google released Hummingbird. The new algorithm put the proverbial nail in the coffin for people who still try to keyword-load, and made it a priority to create unique and high-quality content if you want your site to be seen.
  • They also updated Google+. Not only did Google+ jump on the hashtag bandwagon before Facebook, but they also made the site more visually-focused and adding photo-editing tools.
  • Vine launched. It’s hard to believe, but the mega-popular 6-second video platform just launched this year. Even more impressive is that they’ve managed to gain over 40 million users in under one year.
  • Instagram introduced video. While it didn’t turn out to be a Vine-killer, the update is still well-liked, with over 5 million videos uploaded in just the first 24 hours!
  • Pinterest became one of the most popular referrers. It’s now only second to Facebook, whereas Stumbleupon and Reddit have dropped as referrers (although they’re both still in the top five).
  • Snapchat exploded in popularity. While the disappearing-message app launched last year, it only took off this year. As of October, 9% of phones had the app installed on them, and hundreds of millions of messages are sent and received each day.
  • Twitter went public. Through careful planning, including taking advantage of rule in the JOBS Act that let them keep information under wraps until about a month before going public, the company managed to avoid many of the missteps Facebook made last year.
  • Yahoo! buys Tumblr. Yahoo! is seeking to refresh their brand’s image, and one of the most-talked about steps they took to accomplish that was the $1.1 billion dollar acquisition of the personal-blogging site.
  • Twitter is pushing photos. Just last week, Twitter updated their iOS app so that it automatically defaults to your photo gallery instead of your keyboard when you go to compose a tweet. It looks like most social media networks will be image first in 2014!
  • Ads are becoming ubiquitous. In an effort to increase their profit margin, social networks across the board ramped up advertising options. From simply adding them to feeds to them becoming completely unavoidable on Facebook, 2013 has become the Year of the Social Ad.

So there’s your 2013 Year in Review! Now, what are you most looking forward to in 2014?

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