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The Importance of Syndicating Your Content Online


Creating fresh content for your site on a regular basis is an extremely important way to improve your Google Search rankings.

Not only does it give you more results, but it also allows you to easily share your expertise with those searching for someone in your field. For example, if someone’s looking for a financial planner in Tulsa, and you’re the only financial planner that’s regularly posting blogs, articles, and press releases, then you’re going to be the financial planner in Tulsa that seems the most credible and trust-worthy.

However, creating new content isn’t just important for your Google Search rankings; it also allows you to share your expertise with current and potential customers on social sites.

The most obvious way to utilize this is by making sure to share your newly published content on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, and any other social profiles you have online so your existing followers can see it. If it’s engaging and helpful, they’ll hopefully decide to share it with their friends and followers, giving you access to potential new clients. On Facebook, people don’t even necessarily have to share content in order to increase your reach (i.e. the amount of people who see your post). Because of EdgeRank, even a quick like or comment increases the number of viewers for each post.

Of course, you shouldn’t stop there when sharing your content! Social bookmarking allows you to easily and quickly share your content on popular websites, and tagging your bookmarks correctly allows you to share it with those who are looking for what you’re writing about.

Currently, some of the most popular social bookmarking sites are as follows:

When choosing tags, try to focus on what you think people are searching for instead of tagging content with the same words you would use as SEO keywords. For instance, you don’t want to geotarget your tags, because it’s far more likely that people will be search for the general category “retirement” instead of “retirement experts Tulsa” on social bookmarking sites.

The general rule is to try and think of words you would use if you were looking for that information. Then add those tags to your post and hit publish!

If you have further questions about using social bookmarking to share your content, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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