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Ten Things to Share on Social Media


As I mentioned two weeks ago, diversity is very important to your social media presence. It keeps your audience from getting bored, and helps them learn about different aspects of your personality and your business. However, sometimes people stumble when it comes to how to actually vary their content.

Here are ten ideas to get you started:

1. Your blogs and articles.

This is usually the first idea people have, and for good reason! Your blogs and articles are where you share your expert knowledge on your website, and that expert knowledge also needs to be shared on your social media sites. After all, this brings the information to your clients instead of waiting for them to come to you, and it allows them to share your expertise with potential new clients.

2. Your events.

If you’re holding a workshop, informational seminar, or social event for your clients, invite people via social media with a quick post. Don’t stop there though. Have someone take pictures at the event, and then post the pictures online afterwards!

3. Other articles related to your business.

Did you read a great article in Forbes this morning that’s related to your industry? Share it with your followers! Not only does this help you diversify, but it also helps show your clients that you stay up-to-date on industry news. Just be sure to add your own commentary to further establish that you’re the expert.

4. Your charitable involvement.

Does your organization sponsor a charitable fundraiser? Are you a drop off location for a toy drive? Do you volunteer at a food bank? Post about it. This lets your customers get to know what you care about, and it helps brings more awareness to your favorite causes.


If you have a favorite quote that perfectly sums up your business and/or life philosophy, go ahead and share it with your followers. It will give your customers a greater insight into your business, and quotes are one of the most shareable types of content on social media, so you can you draw in new customers looking for an expert that thinks just like you.

6. Office life.

Your clients want to see and get to know you and your employees. If you have a teambuilding day, share the pictures. If you have a holiday party, share the pictures. Even if it’s just a staff meeting, take a friendly picture of everyone in your office, and tweet it out. People like to be able to see who they’re working with.

7. A weekly tip series.

Start a weekly series where you share one short tip each week. And I do mean short, since the character cap for tweets is only 140 characters. However, keeping it short allows you to send out a quick “food for thought” that your clients can immediately bring into practice.

8. Promote your media.

If you appear in a TV show, are quoted in an article, or have a new book coming out, post about it! If you have a weekly radio show, invite your followers to tune in a little bit before it starts to air. And don’t forget to take behind-the-scenes photos and share those too!

9. Ask questions.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, this is a great way to get your customers to interact with you, and an amazing tool for learning about their needs. And you don’t have to limit it to asking them what they want to know; you can use this to create an intriguing lead-in to a recent blog or article you’ve posted on your website.

10. Offer promotions.

If you’re giving out a free chapter from your latest book, promote it online. If you decide to reward loyal customers with a discount, share the discount code via social media. You can even do an exclusive discount solely for your social media followers to reward them for keeping up with you so closely.

So there you go! With these ideas, you should have no problem keeping your online presence engaging and varied. Of course, the sky’s really the limit when it comes to the types of posts you can do. If you can think it up, then you post about it!

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