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SEO and SMM Alerts- 9/30/11 Edition

One of my favorite shows is How I Met Your Mother. My best friend Emily actually turned me on to it a couple years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! Much like everyone else and "their shows" I tuned in last week to see the season premieres

I couldn’t help but laugh as this season kicks off with one of the main characters Marshall finding out if he landed his dream job…. But before he can officially get the job offer his soon-to-be new boss says "Obviously we have to do some sort of credit check, criminal record… and Google search, but as long as nothing unseemly comes up, you’re good to go!"

So what does Marshal do? He Googles himself to see what comes up…. and what comes up? A less than perfect video of him when he was in college on YouTube….

Quite funny, because that’s the business I’m in- online marketing, PR and reputation management… but not so funny that it’s all to true! Not only are employers now "Googling" their employees before they are hired…. But so are your clients and prospective clients.

What does Google say about you? Would you need to be like Marshal and quickly do some damage control? Or are you not in there at all?

If you haven’t done so lately… go see what Google has to say about you 🙂

Happy Friday!! And GO GATORS!!! (Tough game at home against Bama tomorrow!)

Enjoy this week’s alerts!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 9/30/11 Edition

Google Analytics Adds Real=Time Traffic Data

Not open to everyone yet, but as of yesterday Google has started providing a window into real-time web traffic within Google Analytics. There are other companies out there that have this technology… but it’s nice for Google to finally include it all in one!

How to Move Your Facebook Tabs to Secure Hosting Required by Facebook

As of October 1st iFrame page tabs not hosted on a secure server will not be displayed to users browsing under HTPPS.

Five Facebook Changes and What You Need to Know

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the Facebook changes. Below are the 5 biggest, read more for full descriptions of what you need to know!

  1. The News Feed Ticker
  2. Smart Lists
  3. The News Feed
  4. The Subscription Button
  5. Timeline

5 Simple Steps for Improving Your LinkedIn Visibility

  1. Complete your LinkedIn "profile box"
  2. Use keywords within your profile summary section
  3. Leverage your existing natural network
  4. Focus on timely and relevant status updates
  5. Join and participate in groups

Premium Google Analytics with a Premium Price Tag

Yesterday afternoon a new "premium Google analytics" was announce. And is costly…. $150,000 PER YEAR! Advantages of this new service include:

  • 4-hour data freshness
  • Dedicated processing power
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Up to 50 custom variables
  • Attribution modeling
  • Higher level of product support that includes training

8 Creative Ways to Customize Your Facebook Business Page

  1. Claim your vanity URL
  2. Create a custom welcome page
  3. Get creative with your picture
  4. Leverage your page’s photo strip
  5. Create custom tabs
  6. Create tabs showcasing content from other channels
  7. Customize your post targeting
  8. Run a Facebook content/promotion

How to Create Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages

Check out this step-by-step process on creating custom tabs for Facebook pages!

6 Ways to Track the Impact of Socail Media on Punlic Relations

  1. Cost per Impression
  2. Cost per Engagement
  3. Cost per Click
  4. Cost per Site Visitor
  5. Cost per Inbound Link
  6. Cost per Subscriber

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