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SEO and SMM Alerts- 8/5/11 Edition

UF Alum Wins Emmy for 7-minute Short Film

Yep- that’s right! Our trip to the Emmys was a success! Nick won an Emmy for Director Post Production! I’ve only had a chance to upload a few photos from the trip (more to come) but you can check them by clicking the link below.

Click here ==> Lindsay’s Emmy Album

Feel free to leave a comment too!

Enjoy this week’s alerts!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 8/5/11 Edition

8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results

  1. Create compelling videos
  2. Make your video findable
  3. Brand your YouTube channel
  4. Use annotations to build subscribers
  5. Post a bulletin and alert your friends and subscribers
  6. Use YouTube Ads
  7. Leverage other social media platforms
  8. Review YouTube insights for more insights

Telegraph Releases List of Top SEO Tips

  1. Produce unique, dynamic, and authoritative content.
  2. Utilize long-tail keywords
  3. Optimize met tags
  4. Run a blog
  5. Optimize for local search results
  6. Invest n an SEO and user- friendly domain
  7. Analyze your competitors
  8. Use content as a platform to build links
  9. Set realistic goals
  10. Invest in social media marketing

Link Building for Ecommerce Sites- Targeting the Right Anchor Text (although realy this is applicable to any site).

  1. Download your organic keyword report from Google Analytics
  2. Remove keywords without significance
  3. Remove poorly converting keywords
  4. Get difficulty scores and search volumes
  5. Get ranking data
  6. Prioritize your link building efforts

Getting Your Thumbnail in Google Search Results

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