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SEO and SMM Alerts- 8/26/11 Edition

Well, after 5+ hours of delays in DC, I finally made it home Saturday night. We had a great trip and the New American Dream TV Shoot went very well.

On the plane ride home, I picked up my latest In Style magazine (although, admittedly, I’m a few months behind on my reading! :)). While flipping through fashion pages, there were a few things that caught my attention.

First, there was an article giving tips on how to look your best for a job interview. Being a fashion magazine, you would probably think that they’re telling you not to wear short skirts or low-cut blouses, look clean and presentable, etc. Wrong. Instead it was an article on looking your best online. It simply said "Google Yourself." Complete social proof that EVERYONE is turning online to find out not only about the people you are hiring, but also the people you are doing business.

What comes up when you Google yourself?

The other thing I noticed was that on several of the advertisements they were using QR codes. Although I have seen QR codes, the adoption of them has been slow. However, seeing them throughout a fashion magazine made me realize that they are finally catching on. So incase you’re still not up on the QR code marketing strategies, I thought I would send you this article.

Click here ==> 5 Steps to a Successful QR Code Marketing Campaign

Hope you have a great weekend!

Enjoy this week’s alerts!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 8/26/11 Edition

6 Keyword Research Mistakes You Might be Making

  1. You’re being unrealistic
  2. You’re looking at broad match instead of exact match
  3. You’re targeting plural not singular
  4. You’re ignoring conversion
  5. You’re selecting keywords out of context
  6. You’re failing to conduct keyword reviews

Answers to Your Social Media Questions

  1. How can Twitter and Facebook help me generate traffic from search engines?
  2. How do you define ‘interesting’ content?
  3. Is outsourcing good or bad?

Google Enhances +1 Button to Enable Sharing to Google+

"Starting yesterday, Google started rolling out new features that allow users to use the button to share a web page directly to Google+. Similar to Facebook’s sharing button, when on a web page, clicking the +1 button will also offer the option to ‘Share on Google+.’ Doing so will allow the user to add a comment, choose a Circle to share it with, and share!"

5 Commonly Help Social Media Myths… Busted!

  1. Social Media is all about conversions
  2. You shouldn’t call yourself a Guru
  3. You need to be sophisticated
  4. "Please ReTweet" doesn’t work
  5. Weekend are bad days to publish

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