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SEO and SMM Alerts- 6/10/11 Edition

Did you miss me? 🙂

Well I missed you! Things have been crazy for the past couple of weeks- but you will be happy to know that I actually took a vacation… *GASP* I know 🙂  Now, don’t get me wrong- I get to travel to some pretty fabulous places for business… BUT I can’t remember the last time I actually to a real vacation… but I did! Eric and I went down to Playa del Carmen for 5 days over Memorial Day Weekend and it was just what I needed to come back charged and ready to go!

Only home for two days and I was off to DC to shoot our latest "Meet the Expert" show with Ben Glass. We also finished scouting out shooting locations for our next show "New American Dream" that we’ll be shooting in August (will air on CNN and some of the other stations we haven’t done before). If you’re interest in the shoot, I think we have a couple spots left, so let me know- sooner rather than later though, because those are going FAST!

How’s everything going with you? As always, please let me know if there is something I can do for you- or if you’d like a little extra help in a specific area and I’ll try to cover it here in the alerts.

Enjoy your weekend and this week’s alerts!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 6/10/11 Edition

9 Lessons from Successful Brands on Twitter

Check out 9 big name companies and what they’re doing right on Twitter and how you can emulate their success.

4 Tips to Maximize Your Twitter Marketing

  1. Define your business objectives
  2. Create your conversation strategy
  3. Organize your community with Twitter Lists
  4. Keep expanding your Twitter community

Ultimate Blogger’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

"Why is blogging so important to your search engine visibility? Because search engines serve up web pages—not websites—when people ask a question. And here’s the important part: Every blog post is a new web page and every web page is another opportunity to rank well for another search term."

How to Use LinkedIn Today to Find Popular Content

Have you heard of LinkedIn Today? It allows you to see what the world’s professionals are reading, sharing and tweeting.

26 Tips for Adding Customer Service to Your Social Media Strategy

And A-Z guide that discusses the "the importance of developing an integrated social media and customer relationship management program for your company"

Top 5 Twitter Tools for Social Media Community Managers

  1. "Buffer" – Schedule your tweets more efficiently
  2. "Tweetwally" – Create easy and interesting content for your community
  3. "Twilert" – Prioritize your tweets
  4. "Summify" –Gives a summary of the most shared stories from your Twitter network
  5. "Perforamable" – Helps you measure your activity on Twitter, Facebook and even email campaigns.

Bing Adds Social Features to Mobile Search

Here’s the summary from Search Engine Journal on what the new version includes:

  • A Facebook like option has been integrated with numerous additional areas of content for those using Bing Mobile. Users can now like local businesses, images, and iOS smartphone applications.
  • The News section of Bing Mobile has been updated, and users can now see mobile-optimized headlines for both top stories and individual categories.
  • Bing Maps for Mobile has been updated to allow for a "split view." Previously, users had to select from either viewing the map or viewing a list of details (which could entail directions, local business details, or other data). Users can use the split view to have both on-screen simultaneously.
  • When conducting searches users will now be able to quickly access their search history and topics that are frequently searched, including top trends.

A Startup’s Social Media Started List

Still need to get started in Social Media and feeling overwhelmed with not knowing where to start? Check out this list for a jump-start to your social media success.

5 Reasons Why Deleting Your Blog Posts Is Stupid

Couldn’t agree more! But incase you need the reasons here are 5 good ones from Hubspot.

  1. You’ll lose all that coveted SEO juice you built
  2. You’ll sacrifice a whole lot of inbound link love
  3. You’ll miss out on valuable lead generation opportunities
  4. You’ll be retroactively wasting a lot of time (and burning a library of resources!)
  5. You’ll limit social media mention and content sharing

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