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SEO and SMM Alerts- 4/22/11 Edition

Got plans for the Easter? I’m off to St. Pete to spend a (much-needed) relaxing Easter weekend with my family filled with dyeing Easter eggs with Kendal (my niece) and some much-needed sun!

Any chance you’re headed to Chicago next week for the GKIC Super Conference? Nick and I will both be there Wednesday-Friday- so make sure to come say hi!

Before I get to the alerts- I wanted to make sure I shared with you a new, cool WordPress plugin I stumbled across. It allows you to take all your website content and turn it into an eBook! Now you have even more that you can do with all those fabulous blogs and articles!

Check it out –> Anthologize

Enjoy the alerts and Happy Easter!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 4/22/11 Edition

New Google Analytics Has Rolled Out to All Users

Google rolled out a new and improved version of Google Analytics to all current Analytics users on Wednesday. "Users can create multiple dashboards, up to 20 per user; and each dashboard can contain up to 12 widgets. Users can also set interaction goals (for example, you might use Google Analytics to track and optimize file downloads or video views), graph and compare certain metrics over time, and toggle between multiple profiles and sites while focusing on one report."

4 FREE Conference Calling Service

  1. Rondee
  2. Wiggio
  3. GroupMe
  4. Google Voice

8 Ways to Successful Sell Using Social Media

  1. Boil the frog
  2. Givers gain
  3. Make Henry Kissinger Proud
  4. Be brave
  5. Be positive and pleasant
  6. Prepare for window shopping
  7. Let your personality shine through
  8. Take it offline, when it’s time

6 Steps to Expanding Your Network with LinkedIn Company Search

  1. Set your company search parameters
  2. When viewing these search results, look for the number of people in your network for each company listed
  3. Click the link to "View All X People"
  4. Click to view your "shared connection(s)"
  5. View the second-degree connection’s profile and connect!
  6. Promote, refer and engage your new connections

4 Ways to Optimize the SEO Funnel for your Long-Tail Keywords

  1. Add email capture at the end of blog posts
  2. Plugging Ads to specific products your business offers in your sidebar
  3. Strategic Internal Linking with Posts
  4. Having an in-frame Pop-Up Offer in exchange for emails

Google Clarifies URL Shortening on SEO

"In a new Google Webmaster Help video, Google’s Matt Cutts explains exactly how the shortened URLs are treated. Cutts states that almost all shorteners are going to use a "301 permanent redirect" to move the page to the appropriate destination, and that Google will treat any links to that 301 redirect as being a link – for the sake of pagerank – to the destination. That destination page will also receive the "social promotion" bump for any friends/followers of the original tweeter. Additionally, any other SEO data (such as anchor text, position on the page, and so forth) will be passed on."

8 Easy Wins for On-Page SEO

  1. Canonicalize internal duplicates
  2. Write unique title tags
  3. Write unique meta descriptions
  4. Shorten your title tags
  5. Re-order your title tags
  6. Add direct product links
  7. Re-write internal anchor text
  8. Remove 10 low-value links

Facebook + Twitter’s Influence on Google’s Search Rankings

Now, correlation DOES NOT mean causation… BUT these findings are hard to ignore. Check it out!

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