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SEO and SMM Alerts- 3/4/11 Addition

So a funny thing happened the other day…

I’m sure you’re aware by now that my father is my other business partner. And while I do my best to say "My father, Jack" while in a business setting, apparently my mail program doesn’t know the difference.

I have long since called my father "Daddy," and for the longest time that is how he was in my phone. However, a couple months back after having to explain to the wife of a client (who was also a client) that I was not in fact calling her husband "baby baby" but that because that’s how she emailed us- it was now stuck in my mail program as such, I figured I should probably fix my father’s title.

It was at that point I fixed the problem in my address book…. Or so I thought- apparently not so much…

My father sent me an email earlier this week and we both got a bit of a chuckle… apparently a mutual attorney of ours now has "Daddy" stuck in his mail program as well. And now, even in legal correspondence "Daddy" is emailed… LOL.

Oh Outlook, iMail, Entourage, etc.!

Oh yeah… and Google is at it again! In case you have questions about the recent Google change on their "war again spam" visit my recent blog to see the email I sent out to our clients yesterday

Go here ==> Ah, the Changes of Google

Also- to see what the changes did to my rankings

Go here ==>How Google’s Recent Change has Changed my Rankings

Also- WHO SAID YOUR TWEETS DON’T MATTER? Check out what I found out yesterday….
Go here ==>Who Said Your Tweets Don’t Matter?

Enjoy this week’s alerts!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 3/4/11 Addition

Is your Website Pretty? It’s gonna need to be…

THIS IS HUGE! Looks like Google is back to using human rates- which means- BETTER LOOKING SITES WILL GET A BOOST

4 Facebook E-Commerce Tips for Brands

1.     Use Facebook Share, Like and Review APIs

2.     Support Easy, Secure E-Commerce

3.     Track Your Success

4.     Leverage Facebook E-Commerce for Social Campaigns

Google Gets Social [VIDEO]

Now your Twitter friends, Flickr friends and blogging friends can all show up in your search results for everyday topics. Watch the video to see how it works.

7 Missed Social Media Lead Generation Opportunities

1.     No Blog CTA

2.     No Referral Process

3.     Having a Facebook Page Without a Landing Page

4.     Missing Social Media Bio Opportunities

5.     Missing Social Signature Links

6.     Boring Content

7.     Too Many Clicks

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