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SEO and SMM Alerts- 3/18/11 Addition

Happy (belated) St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you pretended to be Irish like I did yesterday! 🙂

Thankfully Google seems to have settled down a bit (at least for now)- but if you still have questions on how the recent changes could affect your rankings- I’m happy to answer!

By the way- have you had a chance to check out my latest article? The beginning is a little different then my normal articles, so feel free to skip down to the "meat" if you like… or learn a little bit more about who I am and my story and read the whole thing.

Either way… CLICK HERE ==> Tweeting for Small Businesses

Have a great weekend, enjoy this week’s alerts and remember if there is anything I can do for you- just email me back! 🙂


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 3/18/11 Addition

Real-Time Analytics for Social Plugins

If you haven’t seen this already- check out this article on Facebook’s "Insights for Websites" that gives you analytics on how people interact with your content and to help you optimize your website in real-time.

8 Hot Social Media Tips From Eight Industry Experts

1.     Offer live events on Facebook

2.     Help others who aren’t necessarily famous

3.     Don’t over-focus on marketing

4.     Research what your customers are saying

5.     Meet people in real life

6.     Get your content read by being controversial

7.     Invest in social media after you do your research

8.     Share the knowledge of experts with your audience

How Do You Increase Readership to Your Blog

  • Write about a popular topic of interest
  • Quote other experts in your field
  • Be a guest author
  • Syndicate your blog
  • Submit your blog

3 Ways to Maximize the Value of Facebook Fans

"It’s important to consider how your Facebook fans are adding value to your organization. While the value can be a difficult number to pin down precisely, there are certain strategies you can utilize to make sure you’re leveraging your Facebook Page to add the most value to your organization."

How to Set Social Media Marketing Goals

  • Select Your Key Social Media Marketing Metric
  • Set Your Social Media Goal Numbers
  • Track Your Progress

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