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SEO and SMM Alerts- 2/25/11 Addition

Hope you’ve had a great week!

Have you checked out my latest article "11 Myths About Social Media Marketing"? If not, check it out here:

==> http://www.celebritysites.com/articles/11-myths-about-social-media-marketing.php

Also- GRAMMY pics are up! If you haven’t had a chance to check out the fun, go here now!

==> www.Facebook.com/LindsayDicks (and feel free to leave a comment, or two! :))

Enjoy this week’s alerts!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 2/25/11 Addition

Google Declares War on Content Farms

Google has been talking about it for a while now… I’m not worried- but you should be aware of it.

What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook’s Switch to iFrames

Couple weeks ago, news broke that Facebook would no longer are new FBML tabs to Fan Pages- instead, iframes will be used. I’m interested to see how well they work, as iframes have notoriously plagued web developers in the past (or should I say- plagued certain browsers).  But if you want to make your facebook more engaging- I guess we’ll learn to love them!

.edu links are no longer the holy grail… or are they?

Great post from my friend (and SEO guru) Keith Baxter- he helps explain the JC Penny uproar.

How to Create Compelling Blog Content [VIDEO]

Key takeaways:

  • Know why you want to blog, who you’re creating the content for and what you want to get out of it
  • Target your customers when you write because if you simply write in general about your topic you’ll only attract your peers
  • Take advantage of the popularity of list posts
  • Use stories because they never go out of fashion
  • Draw from real experience to show more emotions and engage readers as a person so they can connect with you on a human level
  • Don’t give up too soon
  • Grow a thick skin and learn how to deal with the personal attacks that come with blogging and putting yourself out there

How to Use LinkedIn with Twitter for Better Networking

The primary benefits of the LinkedIn Tweets application are:

  • Follow your LinkedIn connections on Twitter
  • Post status updates simultaneously to both Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Monitor and interact with your Twitter streams from within LinkedIn
  • Create a LinkedIn-specific Twitter list

22 Hot New Social Media Tools Worth Exploring

What follows is an amazing list of social media tools you’ve likely never heard of—covering a wide range of categories:

  • Tools for pictures, video, audio and screen capture
  • Tools to measure and track results
  • Tools to manage content
  • Blogging tools
  • Twitter tools
  • Other social media tools

8 New Facebook Page Changes: What You Need to Know

  1. Many Functions are Changed
  2. The New Masthead Expanded Opportunity for Creatives
  3. Bye-Bye Tabs- Now What Do We Call Them?
  4. Use Facebook as Your Page or Personal Profile- Shape-Shifting!
  5. Featured Liked Pages- A Great Opportunity for Promotion and Partnership
  6. New Wall Filters and Admin View- Improved Page Management
  7. Email Notifications for Page Activity
  8. Static FBML App is Out; iFrame Applications Only- Sort of…

Digg Discontinues Publisher RSS Feeds

"Digg has sent an email to all its publisher members (ourselves being one) explaining its decision to discontinue accepting RSS submissions,  a feature it introduced  in its last big release."

20 Tips to Get Your Content Seen on Facebook

Check out these great tips for getting your content seen on Face

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