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SEO and SMM Alerts- 1/28/11 Addition

Oh what a week!

Sorry if I’ve seemed a little quiet this week, I’m still sorting through emails! We just finished taping 2 more of our Meet the Experts TV shows. This time our guests were Ron LeGrand and Lee Milteer- both were absolutely FABULOUS to have as a part of our family and I’m really excited to see the finished copies of those shoots.

In the midst of tv shoots and planning some up coming events (Grammys, TV shoot with Michael Gerber and a Mastermind trip to the Kentucky Derby) I’m also working on some new products… more details to come soon!

Hope you had a great week!

Enjoy this week’s alerts!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 1/28/11 Addition

How to Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Profile

Although Linkedin can be forgotten at times, they have 90 million users. Check out this article on how to optimize your profile.

How to Create Your Personal Social Media Brand [VIDEO]

  • Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:
  • Why you need to carve out your position and brand equity
  • How to start branding yourself on social media if you don’t have any brand equity online
  • Why you need to use your name on social media
  • How to brand yourself on your Facebook business page
  • How Mari brands herself and what she does to craft the brand she represents

23 Reasons to Add Video Blogging to Your Content Repertoire

Are you still not using video on your sites? At least ONE video SOMEWHERE? If you’re not convinced that you need video on your site- check out these 23 reasons and I think your mind might be changed.

Increase Traffic and Exposure- Step by Step

Check out this step by step guide (with some valuable outsourcing resources) for a FABULOUS blueprint of what you NEED to be doing online.

5 Steps to Starting Your Own Podcasting Show

If you’ve ever seen me speak, I sometimes refer to podcasts as the "redheaded step child  of content" … and although it’s true… that’s just because it tends to be overlooked. Podcasting can be a very valuable asset to your marketing strategy. No sure where to start? Check out these 5 steps…

The 6 Essential Steps to Writing a Killer Press Release

  1. Craft a hook
  2. Add a great headline (with keywords)
  3. Avoid jargon
  4. Provide resources
  5. Proofread
  6. Share your news

How to Use Twitter to Boost Your Google Rankings

One of the things that people fight with me on is the use of Twitter. There is still just so much confusion as to the use of Twitter and how it can actually make you money… it’s not just about tweeting that you’re eating breakfast. Check out this article to see how Twitter can work for you (and your business).

Why Won’t Google Use My Meta Description

THANK YOU SEOMOZ for writing this. This is a question I get asked a lot and I’m glad someone took the time to write an article on the answer- I never got around to it lol. If you check Google and they’re not pulling the description you want, check out this article to see if you can fix it.

3 SEO Myths Busted

  • Nofollow backlinks are useless (seriously, they’re not at ALL)
  • Sites get ranked according to their PageRank
  • Don’t link to other sites! Hoard your PR!

21 Awesome Ideas to Grow Your Email List

We all know there is money to be made in a list. BUT- how do you grow it? Check out these 21 ideas and see which ones you may not be using!

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