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SEO and SMM Alerts- 10/14/11 Edition

WOW! What a week!! In the midst of trying to get everything organized for the Best-Seller’s Summit & Golden Gala next week, I am very proud to say, I’m an aunt (again)! My sister gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL healthy baby girl, Sydney Jane, on Tuesday. Both Momma and Miss Sydney are doing well.

I posted some photos to Facebook earlier this week, but incase you haven’t seen them here’s the link!

See baby Sydney –> Click Here

Hope you had a great week!

Enjoy this week’s alerts!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 10/14/11 Edition

How to Estimate Your Social Media Return on Investment

Do you know your ROI? You should! Check out this article if you’re having trouble figuring it out!

9 Tips for Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Users

  1. Simplify. Then Simplify Again. And Again.
  2. Plan Your Site Layout
  3. Match the Branding Elements From Your Standard Site to Your Mobile Sites
  4. Utilize White Space
  5. Avoid Flash or java
  6. Reduce the Amount of Text Entry Necessary
  7. Do Not Use Pop-Up Windows
  8. Use Mobile Redirects
  9. Allow People to Visit the Full Site

How Google Analytics Is Impacting Business

In this video Avinash Kaushik explains how social media activity influences the behavior of your business audience.

How to Use Secret Facebook Groups to Enhance Your Business

"Facebook originally created Secret Groups for people to have small, intimate interactions with family and friends, but Secret Groups are also perfect for small businesses, coaches and professional development, like mastermind groups."

Local SEO Checklist for New Sites

This is a great video that explains local SEO and what you should look out for.

5 Creative Ways to Recycle Content

  1. Use eBook Excerpts for Blog Articles, and Vice Versa
  2. Update Old Content
  3. Promote Evergreen Content
  4. Archive That Live Webinar, and Turn it Into an eBook
  5. Republish A Guest Post on Your Own Blog

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Inbound Press Release

  1. Create fresh content frequently
  2. Determine the most appropriate channels for your new releases
  3. Measure and iterate to optimize future press releases

6 Tips for Building Great Product Pages

  1. Turn Product Pages Into Great Content
  2. Design Your Pages So They Focus on Conversions
  3. Create Unique Content and Descriptions
  4. Optimize Your URL Structure
  5. Add Rich Media, Like Videos
  6. Take a Look at Zappos as an Example

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Awesome Marketing Emails

Check out this article for the 13-parts of an effective marketing email.

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