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SEO and SMM Alert- 11/30/12 Edition

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So heres the question I get a lot

What is the power of Social Media?

Well, I can tell you the power is great. Not only did Social Media bring Cooper back home on Wednesday night after her escaped from our back yard (Cooper, my 5-yr-old Shi-Tzu/ Pomeranian white fluff ball. He is a VERY loving escape artist.)

But take a look at this series of Facebook posts from a friend of a friend. People are watching and people are putting it on Facebook!

Plane delayed. Auxiliary power issue. Could be on tarmac for hours. Already been over an hour. Lady in front of me gets up and changes in bathroom into full-on pajamas. This is the 2nd flight in a row I’ve seen someone do this. Last time a male. I’m sorry but I really don’t want to see you in a plane traipsing around in your pajamas. What’s next people????? Is it me or is this not ridiculous?!?!?!??

(someone asks if this is an International flight)

Yes it is but I still don’t want to see the general public in their pajamas. Wear some comfy jeans and a sweatshirt. Good grief. Maybe I’m just getting too old and curmudgeonly

(someone asks if she my friend is in a suit)

Nope. Comfy jeans and a Jcrew comfy tee.:). Now she’s talking loudly with her friend on her cell phone. She’s breaking 2 out of 5 of my plane etiquette cardinal rules. I’ll give her another hour and they’ll all be broken.

Hey Pat G, I overheard her telling that to someone. I guess some of the Asian and Middle East airlines now do it in first class? However one guy reminded her that on those flights the seat area is a little more private where you are a little more protected from view. I can’t do this woman justice and her antics last night and this morning. It was more than just putting on the PJs…. She was making a show of it and definitely wanted everyone to notice. I couldn’t make up some of her comments and activities overnight if I tried.

Seat 2C….. I can’t tell if she has slippers on or muskrats….. But definitely pajamas..

Just landed. Seat 2C made it safe and sound. She paraded several times up and down the aisle with the muskrats and PJs on for full effect and comments from our fellow gentlemen passengers. I tried my best to refrain from any noticeable facial expressions. Only two hours late into Heathrow!

Guess who just showed up on my plane and is in 3A right behind me???? Yep…..She’s baacccckkk. Miss Seat 2C. Muskrats still in on. Can’t wait to see what she’ll do on today’s flight.

So. Seat 3a/2C/Muskrat did not disappoint. Pajamas were worn and paraded and pointed out to fellow passengers. Flight was delayed because she left her I Pad and laptop in gate area and they had to locate it for her (after drama and hysteria on her part ensued)….. And meal was sent back twice because it wasn’t up to snuff. As we got up from the flight to collect our things (she was thankfully back in her clothes), she handed me her business card and said flamboyantly, “thanks for putting up with my pajamas this week”…….I looked down at her card that she handed to me with her left hand that had at least a 12 carat diamond ring on it…. And low and behold it was none other than the CEO of Spanx. Ms. Goldman, you’re welcome. And you’re welcome too for the email I plan to send to your boss Sara Blakely about your professionalism and behavior during business travel. Remember that you represent a brand and a very powerful multimillion dollar business and female founder. Act like it.

What is your brand saying?

Enjoy this weeks alert!


Lindsays FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 11/30/12 Edition

Weekly WordPress Plugin: Facebook Like Button for WordPress

Allow people to Like your Facebook business page directly from your website!

TweetLevel: Making Sense of Twitter Influence Beyond SEO

For Twitter users with narcissistic tendencies, TweetLevel is, just like Klout, a pat on the back. Because it only analyzes Twitter, TweetLevel may seem a rather limited tool too. However, unlike Klout, TweetLevel was designed to offer Twitter intelligence, and thats something that few other social media analytics tools give you at no cost.

Facebook Pages Feed: What Does It Mean for Page Owners?

If you havent noticed already, Facebook has implemented the shiny new Pages Feed. If you dont see it right now, you will shortly, the network began November 15th rolling it out globally. This new section within Facebook now allows the user to see only posts of certain brands they follow, thus making the main news feed a little bit easier to see status updates from friends.

3 Reasons why Google+ is Crucial for SEO

  1. Google search plus your world update makes Google+ important
  2. Google + Author Annotations can make your result stand out
  3. Google Cannot crawl Facebook and Twitter

Writing Tweets That Grab Your Readers

Twitter, by length limitations enforced by that tool, doesnt allow more than 140 characters per tweet. However, just because the tweets are short doesnt necessarily mean that the tweets are exciting and that they grab your readers profoundly

10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following

  1. Connect With Other Page Managers
  2. Share Original Content
  3. Tag Your Page From Your Personal Profile
  4. Link Your Profile to Your Page
  5. Add Facebook in Your Email Signature
  6. Comment (Thoughtfully) on Other Pages as Your Page
  7. Run a Contest
  8. Add a QR Code to Your Business Card
  9. Advertise Your Page on Facebook
  10. Add a Like Box to Your Website
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