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Producing Content that Keeps People Coming Back to Your Site

As a result of personalized search, anyone who maintains a website will now have to focus on content more than ever before. In order to remain competitive and ensure continued high ranking in the SERPs, your website will need to include current and informative content that is of real value to your visitors.

If you maintain a website or a blog, it is critical that your content is updated on a regular basis. Ideally, you should be adding content every day, especially if your site is new. People will begin to click on your site on a more regular basis in anticipation of what your next piece will be about. They may even bookmark your site. When this happens, Google will recognize it as a site the person likes and will list it higher in the search results when then perform a relevant search. When you are adding content sporadically, people will begin to lose interest in your site and not only will you lose hits but you will also slip further and further in the search results. If you are not able to add content on a daily basis then you should be updating your site at least three times a week.

As you can see, quantity is very important producing content. This does not mean that you can slack on quality. Not only will you need to update your content regularly, but it must be of high quality and provide useful and relevant information. Timeliness is essential. You have to be knowledgable of the current trends in order for your site to stay relevant. If you run a niche blog or website, stay on top of the newest developments in that niche so that you can relay that information to your visitors. If you are unsure of what to write about, subscribing to an RSS reader is a great way to quickly find out what the day’s “hot topics” are (Google alerts are also a great way to monitor trends and topics in your industry to comment on). This will usually give you an idea of what your visitors are interested in and you can tailor your content accordingly. Keep your posts brief (but it can be okay to occasionally compose longer more in-depth posts if they are focused and well-written) and pay attention to spelling and grammar.

After you have taken the time to develop this fantastic content, does this mean you can now sit back and passively wait for the hits to start rolling in? Nothing could be further from the truth. In many ways, your work is now just beginning, because you will now have to work to ensure that your content is indexed in the search engines. Simply relying on a search engine to eventually crawl to your site and index your content will result in costly delays. Some quick and easy ways to get indexed faster include updating the XML map for your website, posting links to your content on Twitter and subscribing to a service that automatically pings major online hubs and notifies them when you have updated new content.

By being consistent in producing content that is high quality, you will not only get a loyal following, but you will also enjoy high search engine rankings, higher rates of conversion and greater credibility in your niche.

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