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Now’s The Time To Start Planning for Thanksgiving

And no, we’re not just talking about planning your menu and décor, and inviting your guests. We mean for social media!

Not only is Thanksgiving a great time to publicly give thanks for your clients and followers, it’s also a perfect time to let them get to know you a bit better! By getting a bit more personal, you’re letting your clients feel like they know you on a personal level, which is really important on social media!

Here are ten ideas to get you started with your planning:

1. Give thanks. As I mentioned before, this is the perfect time to thank your clients, your followers, and your staff. A great way to thank your clients and followers is by taking a staff picture and adding text along the lines of "Everyone at Acme would like to take this opportunity to let our clients know how thankful we are for them. Happy Thanksgiving!"

2. Offer a discount. Not only is offering a discount a great way to show thanks, but it’s also a great way to offer something up for Black Friday. An alternative to offering a discount would be to offer a free special report that’s perfect for this time of year. For instance, a tax attorney can offer a free special report on end of year tax tips.

3. Share family photos. You can either show a family photo from this year, or you can post one from years ago (after all, Thanksgiving is always on Throwback Thursday). Either way, it’s a great way to help your followers connect with you.

4. Say what you’re thankful for. Many families have a tradition of going around the Thanksgiving table and sharing what they’re thankful for. Why not extend this tradition to social media by sharing what you’re grateful for, and asking your followers to do the same.

5. Share a favorite family recipe. Is your great-great-grandmother’s stuffing recipe the best stuffing recipe in the world? Then share it! It adds a fun and personal element to your social media—and who wouldn’t want to try the best stuffing in the world?!

6. Update your cover photos. Add a Thanksgiving element or two to spice up your Facebook, Twitter, and other cover photos, and celebrate the holidays! Depending on your existing theme (and where you live), you could add a turkey standing in some fall leaves, a fresh pumpkin pie, or a snowman wearing a fall-themed scarf!

7. Create a video. Make a quick video of you and your staff wishing your followers a Happy Thanksgiving, and post that on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, etc. Such a video wouldn’t take long to make, and has a nice personal impact.

8. Ask questions. Ask your followers to share their favorite family traditions, holiday activities, recipes, etc. with you. Not only does that increase your engagement, but you might just a new holiday favorite out of the deal!

9. Get employees involved! Your followers will love being able to connect with the people they talk to with the faces they go with, so think about creating a Thanksgiving-themed Facebook gallery that matches a photo with that person’s answer to any of the topics above. For example, you could ask each employee for a favorite family recipe, or to share what they’re grateful for this year.

10. Share the blessings. While many people spend Thanksgiving giving thanks and celebrating with their families, counting our blessings also often inspires us to contribute to our favorite charities and causes, whether that’s by donating food, buying a toy for a child in need, or giving money to an organization. Help your favorite charities get a leg up this holiday season by sharing why you support them with a link to a video, about page, or success stories on your social media.

Now that you’ve got some ideas, don’t forget to start planning now before the hustle and bustle starts! You can even schedule your posts in advance so that you can focus on spending time with your family, while still spreading some holiday joy!

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