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Social Media Monthly Services

Building a relationship with your clients through the use of Social Media Systems is the easiest, most cost effective, and also the most powerful method available to you today!

Social Media is NOT a new concept, Social Media is just a group of tools collectively used to build a relationship with your prospect or customer. Relationship building can be for both personal and business uses. If it is for business, then you are building a relationship with your customer, client or prospect for the purpose of helping them understand who you are, the service you provide and why they would want to do business with you (as opposed to someone else).

…If you can do this (and you can) it is a powerful connection between you and your client that keeps you and your client together despite the shape the economy is in, or the grabbing-for-the-last-straw “discount” offers from your competitors that only end up lowering everyone’s profit margins and putting a whole group of people out of business!

The key to effective Social Media is to know your audience, to know what they are searching for and to start the conversation with these users using Social Media and offering current, relevant content!

Our monthly services range from $495- $1495 month depending on our client’s need. Our services can include:

Articles and Blogs WRITTEN FOR YOU!

We all know that current, relevant information is what people are looking for and the greatest way to do business with them is to get information out there that meets that standard. Blogs and articles are a great strategy to provide that content.

You may have heard the term “blogging for dollars.” If you have, you may have wondered why you didn’t make any money when YOU blogged? While in some cases Blogs are constructed to make money from ads imbedded in the Blog itself, in the vast majority of cases, the Blog’s purpose is to speak to your readers in a manner that will bring people back to your Website where you will be able to begin a relationship with them. Our trained writers will not only write these blogs and articles according to what is current and relevant in your particular industry but they will also seed them with your specific keywords, which we all know is of the most important steps! And this is all done completely for you!

Look, we know that you can write your own content, and we encourage you to do it too! But, we all know that when it comes down to it, if you have to choose between sitting down to crank out a new article or blog, or meeting with a new prospect or client, you’re going to meet with the prospect or client. As you should! But, you’re really selling yourself in the long run as a good article or blog sent out into the online world to bring back business, in the end will bring you lots of new clients and prospects. This is the true power of PR leverage letting it act as your credible sales force. Adopting our system you will no longer do you have to agonize over it, let us systematically do it for you, on the schedule that will bring you the most traffic, while you do what you do best and bring in dollars today!

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Online Celebrity PR

The only thing better than having content produced for you on a schedule, is repurposing the content to drive even more traffic. We do this by writing and syndicating a press release about each article and blog we produce for you. You don’t have to worry about it; we just handle it all for you and send another 4 press releases out into the online marketplace. When this happens, the press release repeats the key information you were trying to get out to prospects and will once again embed your proper key words to attract their attention. This is 4 more times we will be adding content to you search pages which moves you into higher page ranks where you message can attract more attention to drive more traffic and credibility right to you!

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PR On Call

Most people don’t think they have anything newsworthy so they don’t send out press releases. The problem with that thinking is that it is outdated. Originally, press releases were only used to get the word out to mass media (television, radio and newspaper). So if you didn’t have something that everyone would be interested in, then you didn’t send out a release. All of that has changed because mass media has been primarily replaced for most businesses by targeted media and Social Media.

The mass market may not care at all that you received a local civic award or that you closed a new deal, but your targeted personal fan base of clients and prospects will. Why? Because, it reinforces their great decision of having selected you as the person to do business with in the first place and for prospects it helps then pick you over others who have less press on your important search pages. Press is now micro-targeted and this is your opportunity to shine.

Our trained writers will write a keyword seeded press releases for you and release it to thousands of media outlets on the web that will consider your story for republishing to their audience. Once these stories get republished, your relevance soars in search engines. Imagine your clients and prospects searching the Internet for more information on your company, only to be bombarded with the press that you want them to see! The way press releases are written, they are viewed as additional 3rd party credibility, so they’ll help your prospects and clients KNOW that they’re making the right decision by working with you.

You will get our PR Newsroom hotline number and email address to let us know when something new has happened in your business, industry, marketplace or anything else that has happened to you that would make a great Press Release for you. If you sign a new client, you should put out a press release. If you get booked to speak at a local or national event, you should put out a press release. If you get an award, launch a new marketing campaign, sponsor a local charity or sports team, make a big sale—you get the point, any and all of these occurrences are a great reason to put out a press release online to drive traffic and credibility to you, we will not only teach you what to look for our award winning writing staff will write it all up it for you!

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Social Media Marketing with Lindsay’s Proprietary Circular Marketing™ and Custom Link Builder

People buy People. Social Media Management helps develop a relationship with your current customers, potential customers and you/ your brand. We use the latest Social Media strategies as a tool to develop quality relationships, collecting valuable information and having your fans take charge. Keeping your social outlets current, up-to-date, creative and fun can be an exhausting responsibility that should not be handled causally. With our Custom Link Builder we’re going to maximize the number of quality backlinks your website gets to increase your Google ranking and drive even more traffic to your website. We also monitor all “buzz” surrounding your brand and help leverage your brand identity to generate interest and action among your current and potential clients.

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Monthly Strategy Session with Lindsay

Online strategies are constantly moving and so should you- we’re here to help! Each month you will be able to set up a 30-minute strategy session directly with Lindsay to not only get your questions answered about social media, online PR, SEO but also, setup game plan for your online PR.

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Done For You Text Updates

With out DONE FOR YOU text updates we take care of all the work for you! We will make sure that any article, BLOG, press release, and any other text-based content is posted to your Website within 24- 48 hours, Monday through Friday. Need it sooner? Just ask your assigned account manager and we’ll do everything we can to make sure it’s up as soon as you need it. We can also change fonts, headlines, email addresses and much more!

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Done For You Graphic Updates

With our DONE FOR YOU graphic updates you’ll never have to look for another web designer again (and we nickel and dimed at their hourly rate for ever minor change!). Sometimes you just need a graphic changed or a new staff member added, and in the past it was probably a costly hassle. Not anymore! Just tell us what you need and we’ll work with you to get it done!

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Monthly Ezine

Ezines, or online magazine, are a tool used for staying in touch with the person whose name you have captured from your website. We take care of designing and delivering the Ezine directly to your current and potential clients. Delivering an Ezine in the proper format, at the proper time intervals, allows you to continually connect and stay in the forefront of their mind. Constant contact with your consumers using relevant content is one of the most powerful proven ways to keep clients and get new ones

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Search Engine and Directory Submission

We will submit your website to all major search engines as well as a targeted group of relevant Internet directories designed specifically for your needs to ensure that your website is “crawled” and indexed properly, which helps you to gain optimal search engine rankings.

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** BONUS #1 Lindsay’s SEO and SMM Update

Keep up to date with the latest SEO (search engine optimization) and SMM (social media marketing) strategies to help launch your business to the top of the search engines.

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** BONUS #2 Lindsay’s Secret List of SEO and SMM

New plugins are always being created; however, with Lindsay’s secret list of plugins, she will not only unveil the ones she is currently using on her own sites that have been tested and proven to increase website traffic and rankings; she will go ahead and upgrade your site’s capability every time she does her own! These plugins are one of the KEYS to maximize the power and function of your website.

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** BONUS #3 FREE Website Hosting, Email Hosting & Database Management

Website Hosting, Email Hosting & Database Managements takes the work out of running your Website. We’ll make sure you Website and email are always running properly and we’ll set up a back-end system that allows you to keep track of important customer and prospect data including name, phone number, email address, physical address and any other custom field you desire.

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PLUS!!! For Platinum Clients ONLY Guaranteed Feature Press & PR (1-time feature story $3,000 VALUE!)

Our Platinum Clients will aso receive GUARANTEED national media exposure, written for you and presented the way you want. While it sounds too good to be true, we not only do it, we guarantee the media, which is, of course, unheard of in our industry.

We’d be happy to say that our Exclusive Guaranteed Feature Press and PR Program can give you and your business a supercharged boost in a competitive market — but seriously, once we’re working for you, you won’t be thinking about competition. In fact, we don’t think you’ll have any!

You and your business will be the envy of all those you leave in the dust — as millions around the world check out your feature story on key global business and news websites like Forbes.com, CNBC.com, Morningstar.com, Yahoofinance.com, Marketwatch.com, Reuters.com and hundreds of others. Our Guaranteed Feature Press & PR program is the ultimate solution to get you guaranteed press, designed and guaranteed to drive traffic to your business.

We will write a compelling feature story about you and your company, the kind that you read in Forbes, Inc., Fortune and your other favorite business magazines, and WISH you could get written about your company. Well, now you can! And better yet, we guarantee that segments of your feature story will be published on major business websites like Forbes.com, CNBC.com, Morningstar.com, Yahoofinance.com, Marketwatch.com, Reuters.com and many others. You will also get abbreviated 400-word versions, which will immediately be released on the business wires

For these special articles, we are excited to be working with a team of what we consider to be unique and exciting journalistic weapons. With a combined experience of more than 50 years in the journalism, broadcasting and public relations fields, our writers are some of the country’s most in-demand media specialists. Our writers have conducted hundreds of interviews with music, entertainment and business professionals, and even U.S. Presidents! They have contributed countless feature articles, columns and reviews to major publications and websites (including the “L.A. Times,” “Downbeat,” Amazon.com, “All Music Guide,” iTunes and numerous business wires), and written bios and press releases for every major record label, hundreds of independent companies and many media and PR firms. They are also the authors of numerous critically-acclaimed, globally available books.

So, don’t just think about taking your business to the next level — say goodbye to whatever service or medium you’ve been using, start thinking bigger, and with our help — and the Guaranteed Feature Press & PR program — start to experience results on a truly universal level.

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