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Making the Most Out of Online Videos

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Many people are afraid to jump into the wide world of online videos, and it’s usually for one of these three reasons:

  • they think it will be time-consuming and expensive
  • they can’t imagine how their video will have any impact in the massive sea of online videos (YouTube alone is up to 72 hours of new video every minute, and counting)
  • they’re stumped for content ideas

I’m here to assure you that none of these things need to be a major (or even minor) concern. Here’s why:

Time and money. Your video does not need to be long in order to have an impact. In fact, in the age of Twitter, shorter is better! Multiple researchers, including some from Google, have put the ideal YouTube video length at between 3 and 3 ½ minutes. Does that mean you have to cut yourself off right at 3 minutes and 30 seconds? Of course not! Just keep the attention span of the average video viewer in mind, and you’re good to go.

You also don’t need to buy a bunch of really fancy, really expensive video equipment and editing software to make a great video. While you want your videos to be good quality, don’t worry about it looking as good as something that’s going to air on network television. Leave that for when you’re actually going to be on television! For a video you’re shooting for YouTube or Vimeo, you can get an HD video camera for a very reasonable price on Amazon or your local electronics store.

Making an impact. Unfortunately, too many people feel like the only path to video success is with a certified viral hit. Fortunately, this just isn’t true. And even better, it’s not what you want to aim for when you’re trying to present yourself as a CelebrtiyExpert®. After all, while videos of animals being cute and people making hilarious mistakes may be funny, they don’t exactly scream (or even whisper) “credibility”.

Instead, you want to focus on doing what you do best: helping people make sense of complicated issues. Make sure your name is in the description, and that you’ve tagged your video with all related topics (including your name!), and you’ll get your video in front of the people who need to see it. You’ll also improve your Google search rankings, which is extremely important to your brand!

Choosing a topic. The most important thing to do is share your knowledge! You’re the expert, so you have specialized knowledge that other people need.

In practical terms, the best thing you can do is post educational videos (and put them under that category). Here are some quick suggestions:

  • Explain the most common mistakes people make related to your field and how to avoid them.
  • Make video responses to breaking news stories (and tag them with commonly used keywords surrounding the story to get more views).
  • Record a video on the top five things people can do to stay ahead of the tax, retirement, etc. game.
  • Create a weekly tip video to break down a related topic in a way that’s quick and easy for people to understand.
  • Post testimonials from your customers.

So there you have it! Creating and maintaining YouTube and Vimeo channels does not need to be overwhelming or time-consuming. Instead, they allow you to show your expertise to those who need to see it most!

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