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Lindsay’s SEO and Social Media Marketing Alerts – 4/23 Addition

Hope you are doing well!

Nick and I enjoyed a great weekend last weekend with the rest of the ROI Marketing Experts at the event here in Orlando- pictures and interviews to come soon! And, as he is off selling in London (yes, he made it out even with the ash), I am wrapping some stuff up in the office before we leave next week for the GKIC Super Conference in Dallas. If you’re going to be there- come find us and say hi! I’ll be out there Wednesday through Saturday.

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,



Lindsay’s SEO and SMM Alerts – 4/23 Addition

Facebook “Likes”

If you are on Facebook, you may have seen a change this week. No longer are you a “fan” of a company fan pages, now you “like” them. Not to worry, for users and fan pages, there is really no change in the functionality of the button, “liking” a fan page still allows the page to push the same content to your news feed. Read More.

Introducing Google Places

“Millions of people use Google every day to find places in the real world, and we want to better connect Place Pages — the way that businesses are being found today — with the tool that enables business owners to manage their presence on Google.” Read More.

Search with fewer keystrokes and better spelling

“People often search for people’s names — and not just celebrities and old friends. They look for doctors, horse trainers, hang-gliding instructors… the searches are just as diverse as the personalities in your hometown. We’ve noticed that people sometimes struggle to correctly spell names, and it’s not surprising. Names can be complicated and often there are multiple common spellings. Our new technology is based on the concept that people often know something else about the person besides the approximate spelling of his name.” Read More.

Local Business Marketing- The Known Future

Check out this list of local business marketing tools that you will have available over the next 2-3 years and how you can plan use them. Read More.

Top Local Business Listing Questions Answered – Interview with Will Scott

Check out this interview with Will Scott of Search Influence as he answers questions like “What are the best ways that new to Internet businesses can go about increasing the number (or gaining any at all) citations when it comes to local listings?” Read More.

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