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Lindsay’s SEO and Social Media Marketing Alerts – 3/5 Addition

With the recent articles on real-time search, local search, etc., Google definitely seems to be making some changes lately…. check out this week’s articles below and how it might affect your business and potential clients.

Lindsay’s SEO and SMM Alerts – 3/5 Addition

Google’s SEO Report Card

So Google may not publish their algorithm. But this give you a 49 page PDF that they produced for their team to make their own pages more searchable and to improve Google’s product pages… probably some good things to pick up 🙂

“How many of Google’s web pages use a descriptive title tag? Do we use description meta tags? Heading tags? While we always try to focus on the user, could our products use an SEO tune up? These are just some of the questions we set out to answer with Google’s SEO Report Card.” Read more…

Tips for Using WordPress for SEO

WordPress is by far out preferred platform for developing websites. We develop ALL of our websites on WordPress because on the unique SEO benefits. Brian’s articles (@brianhorn) does a great job of outlining those SEO benefits.
“To release the true strength of WordPress, you must use to the fullest some of the features in the WordPress blog. In order to get top rankings with major search engines, such as Google, you need to make getting these details right a priority. A lot of people don’t realize how critical tags are on a WordPress blog…” Read more…

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